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  1. aye nicee pipe
  2. dont kick it like a two stroke... like do 3-4 compression build ups then kick it really hard (using the hotstart lever)
  3. BelRay or Motorex belray is alot thicker than motorex
  4. :| that is awesome!!!!!!
  5. typical KTM
  6. thanks for u reply, ill give that ago
  7. anyone no wot jets to run in a 07yzf250 with a Pro Cicuit T-4 Exhaust? cause our dealer gave us new jets for it, but wen u open it up pretty rapidy, its got a flat spot.. any ideas? Cheers
  8. and catch it on video then send it to him :applause:
  9. you guys are to rich lol
  10. thanks heeps man
  11. Perth here
  12. i was wondering what the people who have this bike think of them? and anyone no the "Pro's & Con's" of it? cheers
  13. Black Rims/Gold Hubs
  14. how does the rmz go?