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  1. I recently bought an '87 XL600R for taking the crappy back roads to work in the winter and was wondering if anyone could recommend any hard luggage? I hate the look of regular plastic top-boxes and panniers so was hoping that those nice aluminium panniers are available for the XL. Does anyone know if they are, or if I could get a bracket made up to allow me to mount boxes from a KTM or something onto the XL? My bike has the luggage rack behind the seat already so presumably I could bolt something to that....? Does the 600 have enough grunt to cope with the extra wind resistance on the roads? Also the fuel tank on my bike appears to be massive (mechanic described it as "Paris-Dakkar tank") so was wondering if anyone knows whether the Bagster tank cover will fit this model? Bagster only seem to have 1 tank cover for all years so don't want to drop 120 bones on it only to find its too small! Maybe all XL fuel tanks are the same size and this is a stupid XL newbie question... Really liking the bike so far but hate having to haul my raingear around in a backpack "just in case", so if anyone could help me out on the luggage front I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.