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  1. Dewsnap

    Help please

    Yep, even to the point of dropping the new oil and starting again. Any ideas????????
  2. Dewsnap

    Help please

    Started a new thread yesterday and got only 2 replies but no answers to my question. OK I've just dropped the oil on my Monstermoto 125 and although the manuel says 0.8 of a litre the bike will only take 0.3 of a litre, is this normal? And advice would be much appreciated
  3. Dewsnap

    Hey Guys

    New to the forums so hoping to pick up some good info along the way. Anyways from the UK and I've just purchased a Monstermoto 125, apparently these bikes rate quite highly and with it being a UK firm I went with them. My first question I'd like to ask is, I've just dropped the oil on the bike after a few outings on it and obviously I'm about to give it new. However the manuel says 0.8 of a litre but the oil reserve is FULL at 300ml is this normal.