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  1. i have a 98 jeep cherokee that i wont to put dynatrac dana 44 on the front and rear. i was wondering i they knew any one that is selling a new ont or if they know of a store or web site that is selling them. i have looked at dynatrac.com and all i can find is there dana 60. i wont be runing tires big enough to have those axles on my jeep. if any one can help me i would really like it thanks
  2. i wont to put a winch on the back of my cherokee and i was wondering if anyone knew of a kit that i could use or if i had to do i myself thanks
  3. green cherokee

    sky jacker?

    roughcountry has a 4" with blocks in the rear for $360.00 or a kit with new rear springs for $650.00 and they doth will fit 35x12.50 tires so that leves a big chose for tires lets see a pic of the truck it sounds cool i like old trucks i think that hey look really cool lifted with big tires
  4. green cherokee

    need some winch help

    thanks for the help i have no pics of the jeep at this time my jeep took a crap on my about three weeks ago and i lost all my stuff but when i get a pic of it ill put it up so yo can see it thanks agen for the help
  5. i wont to put a winch on the front of my cherkee and i dont know what i really wont to get i have ben looking a warn winches and they seem nice and i see every one out on the trail with warn winches if any one knows of anything good please help but i need something not that expensive thanks
  6. green cherokee

    Cherokee Towing

    a cherokee will tow that trailer and if you wont to there are alot of up grades for it. my cherokee has towed my buddys 95 cherokee for about 100 miles and it did just fine. if you woried about it being too much waight you can put a small addd-a-leaf of put helper springs on it
  7. green cherokee

    sky jacker?

    what year make and modle is your truck cause roughcountry has really god prices on lift kits. and iff your looking for diferent rims just go with steal black or crome rims. if your looking for a tire for offroading i would go with BFgoodrich A/T. my dad has them on his 02 dodge ram and he loves them he dosent get stuck on the job site and they arnt nosey on the road and dont hurt his gas milage but if you wont a food some wut cheep offroad tires you should go with BFgoodrich mudterrain i have them on my jeep and they havent done me wrong yet the dont make that much noise and they have a low tred ware pattern and they get me truough just about everything
  8. green cherokee

    rear axle ID help

    thanks for the help we founnd out it is a dana 44
  9. my buddy has a 90 jeep comanche and were trying to figer out what rear axle is in it. if any one knows any sites or any where we can find it out we have two ID numbers off it.
  10. i wont to put a winch on my chrokee and i fount the warn plwerplant and i have two to chose from th HD and the HP. 1. is it worth geting or should i just get onboard air and get a regular winch. 2. whitch should i get the HD or the HP. if any one knows anything about the power plant or has one or knows anyone that hase one please let me know ???????
  11. i need to get a new speedo gear for a jeep MJ (commanche) and i cant find any where that has them. if any one knows any where can you let me know. thanks
  12. green cherokee

    XJ lift kit

    i already have my cherokee lifted 5.5" and i wont to go 8" i found two different kinds of lift kits one gives me 6.5" leafs and a 1.5" shackle the other replaces my leafs with coil springs. i dont really know witch would be better. i can do all the welding and i have a full shop i can do it in so thats not the problem. i have no problem swaaping leafs for springs but i dont know if it is really worth $400 more. if any one knows about it please help me out. thanks.
  13. green cherokee

    jeep speedo gear

    thank man you helped alot
  14. we just put a lift on my buddys jeep MJ (commanche) and i know we have to replace the speedo gear but i dont know how manny teeth it has to have and i cant find it any where i was wondering if any one would know what gear to go with or where i could find one. we need one for 31" tires i think he had 225/75 if that helps thanks
  15. green cherokee

    jeep cherokee front axle swap

    ya im gana be rock crawling so i need something that can stand up to it. im puting BFGoodrich mud terrains on it so there itsnt that bug off lugs on it