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    Buckled Wheels???

    Ok, wheels. Every bike has em, and i bet most bikes have a slight buckle in them too. it's the easiest thing to overcome, just a bit boring but hey. first off, mount a pen on your forks pointing at your rim, and spin the wheel a few times. This will leave a pen mark on the parts of the wheel that are buckled so you can stop spinning it all day and trying to catch the wheel at the buckle. Next, take your spoke wrench (a spanner really won't do much - trust me). All you need to do is loosen the side where the buckle is, and tighten the oposite side in effect "pulling" the wheel back into place. this will in effect put tension back on the other side so your spokes aren't loose. EASY!! You only need turn the spoke nipples at max 1 turn at a time and alternate between about 4 - 6 spokes (2-3 on each side). After some patience, and a few cups of tea, you'll have a nice straight wheel ready to go out and bend again. Lovely
  2. SnootleMX

    Making Gaskets

    Hi, what you want to do is get some card, quite thick but not too thick. Next place the card over your engine (cover off) and gently tap away at it. this way you will get a good imprint of the gasket and your free to cut it out with a sharp scalpel. Cheap, quick and easy