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  1. I 've sent a new mail to Franck Conner (sales representative of Motomeccanica) to ask him the address of motomeccanica shop. You can find the e-mail contents below: Gold Exchanger Inc. Koll Center 1055 E. Colorado Blvd. 5th floor Pasadena, California 91106 (814) 806-2833 You are more than welcome to our office during normal business hours every day except Sunday. Best wishes, Frank Conner Moto Meccanica www.meccanica.4-all.org If anybody based on this city can verify. I would be happy to have the result of investigation.
  2. What would you say ? According to you is it a real dealer ? Thanks
  3. Hi everybody, and sorry for my bad english, I live in FRANCE and search to buy a new motorcycle HONDA 450 CRF. I've got find a web site based on USA at the following address http://meccanica.4-all.org/ which purposes very cheap motorcycles. Before making an order, I would like to know the advice of somebody who can testify the serious of this dealer. By advance Thanks. Chris