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  1. Me too. Dave
  2. California

    These pictures have "&%$#@! That" written all over them. Dave
  3. Not sure what to tell you. What I can tell you is that I use that same oil in my 2018 KTM 450sx-f and it works much better than the one time I tried using Rotella. I don't think it's the oil. Good luck, Dave
  4. I use bolt cutters Dave
  5. The Forum freaked, Admin, please delete this mess. Dave
  6. I'm not here to bash on you but I think you're looking at it wrong. Just because the 2007 TTR50 went for $1149 in 2007, doesn't mean that it's still not worth $1049 today. A 2018 TTR50 retails for $1549 and not much has changed. The 2007 model that the guy has for sale may have been garage kept, and only ridden by a child as compared to an adult ridden pitbike. So, you can go buy the 2007 from a private owner and negotiate down easily to $1100 or less, or buy the practically same bike from a dealer for $1549+TTR and whatever bogus set-up fees they tack onto that. All of which you'll lose when you sell it. I used to buy and sell these little bikes because I knew people that had them and wanted out, and I knew people that needed them. I could buy a 10 year old XR50 for $300 and after a little clean up, sell it for $800, more than double my money. I did this often. Nowadays, these little bikes are hard to find for less than $700 in any condition and usually go closer to $1000. The good news is if you buy one at the higher end that is in good shape, and you keep it in good shape, you can pretty much guarantee that you'll get your money back when it's time to upgrade. Which is what those people are trying to do... Dave
  7. My cousin had the 1972 Suzuki TS125. I had the 1974 Suzuki TS100. This was back around 1980ish. His was orange and white I think and mine was grey. Great memories..... Dave
  8. I have one for my lifted Tundra. Doubles as a bed extender so that it accomplishes two additional things, 1. that it keeps stuff from flying out of your bed if you need to leave the tailgate down (like I do), and 2. part of the problem with having a long ramp is trying to find where to put it when everything is loaded up. Dave
  9. Axle size may be a factor as well. Dave
  10. Me too. I used Rotella one time and it didn't feel like it shifted very smooth. To qualify this though, my son was having problems with his shifting as well in his CRF150RB after using the same Rotella oil change. I wonder if the was something wrong with that batch? Once the got a few hours on it, both bike shifted better. Weird. Never had that problem before. So I switched to Motorex and haven't looked back. Dave
  11. This is 100% true and I don't disagree at all. However, we are talking about children. And most importantly, we are talking about children that are just getting into racing at the most basic level. You are still correct about the KTM racebike needing more maintenance than a ttr50 et al comparatively, but unless the OP's son it's Haiden Deegan or Slade Verola, a (slightly) older racebike should fit the bill nicely. Dave
  12. Just lucky I guess...
  13. You didn't trigger my orange rage. It's no mystery that the KTM is $400 more expensive than the Yamaha. Out here, in motocross land, guys are paying over $11k for both the Yamaha and the KTM. There aren't as many deals to be had unless you're sponsored. High demand, comparatively low supply. Different parts of the country differ respectively. Then you have what Wrfrk said above. Again, comparatively, KTM has some higher quality parts stock from the factory. Apples to apples. I have no doubt that the Yamaha is totally badass and it was a very difficult decision for me to make when it came time to plunk down my $10k. But I have no regrets about my purchase as I'm sure you have no regrets about yours. Nor should you. Ironically, it seems to be the Yamaha guys that get the hard on for bashing the KTMs. If you hang out at the KTM forum, Yamaha is hardly ever mentioned. Hmmm, why is that? [emoji50] Dave
  14. Well you don't live in California and pay our sales tax, now do you? And how exactly does the cost of the purchase relate to the reliability of the bike?
  15. I know. I'm a Yamaha guy, got a tattoo and everything. I too wanted a color change. My KTM has been absolutely awesome and I have zero regrets. I still have my 2006 YZ450F LE and I can't bare to part with it. It's been an awesome bike that has paid for itself many times over. I really don't think there is a bad bike out there these days. Pick your favorite color and go for it. Dave