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  1. This 6x12 trailer has a ton of miles on it. It is a high end trailer with torsion axles and trailer brakes. It tows like a dream. Dave
  2. I would lean toward this theory myself. Back in the early 2000s, Suzuki had to replace MANY transmissions on their GSXR line due to the dealerships putting in the Royal Purple that the manufacturer was recommending. I have heard too many bad stories that circled around the usage of that brand of oil. Dave
  3. The KTM AER48 forks are awesome, and much easier to live with than the Kawi's. Dave
  4. This statement somehow got me a bit excited..... I laced a rear wheel recently and didn't use one. I used just a normal spoke wrench. The process went very well actually and I enjoyed it. The wheel is arrow straight and the spokes seemingly uniformly tightened. Dave
  5. Well, I'm in Temecula and I'll keep an eye out. I live in a good neighborhood too. Except that I have one of those residential Drug Rehab Houses as my next door neighbor. I hate it. The owner seems cool, but his clients are the ones I worry about. In addition to renter's insurance, I have all of my bikes insured as well. Good luck recovering your bike. Dave
  6. That's the way I would go if I needed one. Dave
  7. Damn. I hope all is well and you heal up fast. I was reading the thread on the hard exoskeleton armor and I agree. I'm using an Alpinestar product I think. IDK, I've had it for years. It has saved me several times as I think the hard plastic disperses the impact better than soft armor would. That, and I like that it has coverage on my arms, elbows and shoulders. As much as I would like to wear a neck brace, I can't give up my under shirt body armor. I did bounce off of my head decently hard during my last get-off. Knocked me loopy for a bit. I'm going to change to a 6D helmet from the HJC that I have now. I have had some hard crashes and have broken things before, but being knocked out and loopy for hours was scary enough that I don't want to risk it anymore. I gotta make sure that I get the best helmet available for me. Get well soon, Dave
  8. If it's used, it should stick as you roll it back up
  9. How does a helmet stop concussion's? Isn't a concussion your brain moving inside your skull?. So if your traveling and stop suddenly, even without a blow to head/helmet you could get one- right? Wow, I didn't realize that I was dropping into the viper pit with my response. Not you Padilen, but damn this is a hot subject. Anyway, I know that a helmet won't stop your brain from moving. This is not new. However, 6D has done studies and has designed their helmet to specifically address concussions, not just impact. Others have now included this design as well. You can see this in the helmets with MIPS. It allows the inside of padding to move 10-15mm to absorb impact and slow brain movement. You can see the technology HERE. Click on the homepage of that link to see that several popular manufacturers are using the technology, to include Bell, TLD, and Fly. The point of my story was that until I hit my head hard enough to cause a concussion, I never thought twice about the technology that goes into protecting you from one. Now I do. And because of that, I want a helmet that at least makes the effort to address this concern with their R&D. If not a 6D for me, it will be a helmet with MIPS. Trust me, the models with the MIPS technology are in the higher priced spectrum of any of the company's helmet line. So whether it be one manufacturer or another, you are going to pay, and I'm betting on getting what I pay for, hopefully. I agree, which is why I am looking at them specifically. My crash sucked, and I feel that hitting my head that hard and feeling the way I did afterward was one of the scariest post-crash feelings that I have ever had. And I roadraced for many years. Dave
  10. Hey! Mr. Judgy McJudgerson. It's not paranoia if they really are after you.
  11. That, and your array of impressive toys. Dave
  12. Hopefully, we have covered every possible wording of this action by now. Maybe roll the throttle "uber off", "Extra off", "Off plus(+)" "very much not on" or the ever popular "backward, but not back, forward-ish" Dave
  13. Replace whatever pilot adjusting screw that your mechanic put in with an R&D Flex Screw. It may sound dumb, but I was a non-believer too until I had to non-stop fiddle with the typical hard to reach screws each time my son rode until the day that it fell completely out. I replaced it with the R&D Flex, adjusted it initially and maybe once or twice more and that's it. The bike has not needed any adjustment to run correctly since. It has been over 80 hours on the motor. Heed my warning or perish with the rest of them, BWAHAHAHAHA Dave
  14. I knew what you were saying and you are correct. However, since the OP was asking about KTMs I felt the need to specify due to their Li-po use. It's all good. Great advice from both. Dave
  15. I wear nothing but Arai on the street, mainly because it's one of the best you can buy and it has saved my life before. For whatever reason though, I wear "whatever" in the dirt. Currently, I am wearing an HJC X6 (I think). I never really thought much of it as most of my crashes, and there have been many, didn't have me hitting my head enough to even concern me with helmet replacement. Usually nothing more than a light cleaning of the helmet and I was ready for the next ride. A couple of months ago I did a Glen Helen Stadiumcross event. I was pretty excited about it, I always wanted to do something like this, timing jumps, but don't have the skill, balls, or youth to do a Supercross or Arenacross event. This was going to be cool. It was, right up until I fudged a double leading into a step-on step-off in practice. In trying to "make up" for coming up short on the double, I gassed the &%$#@! out of my 450 for the step-on and landed too far onto it. Which put me over the bars going off the step-off. I tell you this story for your amusement, but the point I'm trying to make was that I think I lost consciousness because when I became alert again, I couldn't even remember which way the track went or how to get off of it. In fact, the rest of the night is a blur. I didn't race, because I knew I had screwed myself up pretty good. I need a new helmet. Those 6D ATR-2s are the way I'm going to go. With all of the info and the tests that they do, I believe that it is one of the best helmets out there for concussions. And I'm not taking those chances again. Dave