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  1. Decreasing Dave

    FE 350 vs FE 450: 2 lbs?

    Awesome, CONGRATS!! Dave
  2. Decreasing Dave

    2019 KTM 450 XC F

    Sorry, My bad. Good luck. Dave
  3. Decreasing Dave

    Leaf blower to dry your motorcycle?

    Not on my dirtbikes but I use it on my FZ-10. Zero water spots, even in the hard to reach places. Dave
  4. Decreasing Dave

    FE 350 vs FE 450: 2 lbs?

    SOOOO??? How did it go? Dave
  5. Decreasing Dave

    2017 KTM 250 sx-f factory edition

    I don't necessarily think it qualifies for a museum piece if that's what you mean. Dave
  6. Decreasing Dave

    Traction control light stays on

    This^^^ It may be the starter relay. Have you noticed that the fuel pump will randomly activate while sitting unattended in the garage? We were having that problem on a 250 SX-F FE that we have. It turned out to be the starter relay. It too was making the TC and Map switch light and change back to Map#1 by itself upon startup. Dave
  7. Decreasing Dave

    2019 KTM 450 XC F

    First, you might want to start with hand guards. Between that first bridge and a few of those trees, you're lucky your wife doesn't already have to open your ketchup bottles. Second, Eastreich is correct about the forks. For your riding I think you will love them. I have the 2018 450 SX-F but all is the same. I would consider dropping the gearing if I were you because you don't need the speed that the 450 will give you for where you ride. BTW, I'm jelly. I'd love to find nice flowy trails like that out here in California. Dave
  8. Decreasing Dave

    how long do CRF150R last?

    Holy 12 year old thread revival Batman. He probably has more hours on his than you right now.
  9. You may want to ask Scott about that battery. He is the owner of Antigravity and is on the forum. I knew him back in the Ducati.ms days when he first started building his own batteries. Great dude. Dave
  10. Decreasing Dave

    2016-2018 350sxf reliability?

    My friend's bike that he keeps at my house (they live in Australia) has about 60 hours on it now. However, it has been raced but none of the boys are pinned to the rev limiter. It still runs strong. I guess I'll just keep going with it until it starts showing some signs of wear? Hopefully we see some indicators before it just blows. Dave
  11. Decreasing Dave

    WILL my bike survive my first hair scramble

    Maybe he was having a bad hare day
  12. Decreasing Dave

    Race gas

    Thank you. I have been wanting to switch to some better fuel as I'm sure the pump ethanol crap must be doing some damage to the inner workings, both wet and high temp side. I just can't justify the expense of switching to VP T4 at $70/5 gals when it's both my son and I running stock bikes. I thought about mixing but I didn't think there would be any advantage and it would just be a slower waste of money. I want to do something but don't want to go broke doing it. Your solution seems to be a good one for both sides of the system. Dave
  13. It's your money, but ask yourself this, are you going to be so fast that the little upgrades in the 2019 model will make enough difference to justify the expense? Or is it solely about the "newer" factor? Dave
  14. Decreasing Dave

    2015 FC350 build

    Those trails look so awesome. I grew up riding in Connecticut. We used to go down to the Thomaston Dam and run the Hare Scramble trails for hours on end. They looked just like those pics above. At 28, I moved to Arizona for my job and had to learn how to ride all over again as front wheel traction didn't exist out here unless you were sitting on the gas cap. Last year we moved to California. I need to get out and try to find trails like these. Most of the guys in the local forums try to kill each other on trails that you spend more time lifting your bike than riding it. It's like moving furniture for fun. No thanks. Dave
  15. Decreasing Dave

    SoCal riders/racers?

    Perris next Wednesday night