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  1. Decreasing Dave

    2006 YZ450 - TAKE ME TO SCHOOL

    Temecula, California
  2. Decreasing Dave

    2006 YZ450 - TAKE ME TO SCHOOL

    I'm asking $2800 for the bike. It has 270 hours on it. The top end was rebuilt with 240 hours on it in January of 2017. I didn't do any Supermoto that year at all so the hours on the new top end (30) are moto hours, and I'm not fast. I'm a low-end, roll through the corner, squirt up over a jump, kind of guy. New steering head bearings and races in December of 2016. Chain and sprockets in the late summer of 2017. I bought a new bike in October of 2017. While I have ridden the YZ since then, it spends most of it's time on and off the stand in the garage. Filter cleaned after every ride. Always ran synthetic oil with the oil filter replaced at every oil change. Dave
  3. Decreasing Dave

    2015 FC350 build

    The first time I did number plates, I took them off the bike. It was nice because I was at the kitchen island, standing comfortably and could spill water without worries. But the parts kept moving around and made it difficult to not have bubbles. The next time I did it, I left the number plates on the bike. They came out much better and were seemingly easy by comparison. However, I was not as comfortable. So my method from that point forward is to do it on a warm day/a warm garage. Plastics mounted on the bike. The bike up on the scissor stand so that it is at a better height. The benefit to doing plastics on the bike is with the joints between panels. Much easier to line things up when everything is as it will be while riding. That's how I would do it. Dave
  4. Decreasing Dave

    2015 FC350 build

    I didn't use heat, as long as everything is warm. You know that you need to start from the center and work your way out to the sides, right? That is the easiest way to do it. Also, keeping the parts wet while you are applying will help. Assuming that that's what you are doing with wee little bit of soapy water. Don't be too shy with the soap. The lack of soap may be you problem with getting the air out of the graphics. I love the colors and design. Now get the rest of it together so we can see it. Dave
  5. Decreasing Dave

    2006 YZ450 - TAKE ME TO SCHOOL

    I have my '06 Anniversary Edition for sale. It has been my baby since new. I hate to give it up because it has been awesome, but it's just not getting ridden enough to justify keeping it. I feel like a bad parent, haha. Here's my experience with it: For dunes, I run a 10 paddle. The bike has the GYTR Performance Flywheel in it. It is about 4.5 oz. heavier than stock and really added a bunch of traction on loose surfaces. It felt like it gained 10 horsepower because the tire was hooking where it wouldn't previously. Great mod if you can find one. I also have a Dr.D full exhaust. This pipe was nice as it added power smoothly across the range but I really bought it because I needed a spark arrestor. I purchased the Dr.D because my research told me that the power was similar, but stronger than stock, and I really had no complaints about the stock pipe or power. Besides the lack of spark arrestor. The bike pushes in corners. The front brakes REALLY need a braided line. Watch your sprocket bolts. I'm on my third hub. The seat turned to jelly. My ass was hitting the seat pan. It hurt. I replaced it with an SDG seat. At first the SDG was REALLY hard but it broke in nicely. I have a full Supermoto set-up for it too with tubeless wheels, Braking rotor and a billet Brembo Racing caliper. So if you ever decide you want to try that route... My 2006 served me well in Moto, Desert, Woods, Supermoto and Dunes. The bike still runs like a top and feels fast even compared to my 2018 KTM 450SX-F. You won't go wrong buying one. Good luck, Dave
  6. Decreasing Dave

    Wide rear tire vs slim?

    Well, that was fun.... So hey!! I've been thinking about switching to Rotella........
  7. Are your spacers on the axle? Are your bearings OK?
  8. Decreasing Dave

    Knee Braces on a Budget?

    Another vote for Pods K8 Dave
  9. Decreasing Dave

    Crooked KTM handlebars

    On the 2017 and 2018s, the bridge is on the top, not the bottom. On those bikes, the top bridge bends/twists making it impossible to straighten the bars until it is removed. The quick fix, and actually a long lasting one I found, is to cut the bridge in the middle so that the twisted bridge can't hold the bottom clamps out of alignment. I did this at the track on my 2018 450SX-F and after loosely putting it all back together, twisting the bars back into alignment, then tightening everything back up, I was able to ride the rest of the day. I went out and bought the Ride Engineering clamps ($85) to replace the stock ones. However, my friend keeps a 2017.5 250SX-F FE at my house and the same thing happened to him. We performed the same surgery, he continued to ride the rest of the day, and is still riding it like that right now. I believe we have put about 30 hours on that pit-stop repair and although the bike has crash several times since, it still is working just fine. All of this to say that if I were you, I would pull the bars off, and cut the bridge, then bolt everything together loosely, twist it straight, the tighten it down. My bet is that you will never have to worry about it again. Dave
  10. Decreasing Dave

    Base line jetting for a R&D Powerbowl 2

    This ^^^ and maybe turn the idle up a tad. I know Honda specs the idle to be a bit high to begin with, but turning it up does two things. One, you may be able to lose the bog if it is slight and only just off the current idle, and Two, you teach him to carry more corner speed and help him be smoother coming out of the turns. It's not as dangerous as it sounds, trust me. Dave
  11. Decreasing Dave

    Disaster- Rain/Mud

    That's awesome!! Tell her congrats and keep up the good work. You'll find that she may respond better to other people than to you. At least as a Motodad, we find this to be true. It seems to be universal. For some reason, you can tell them a hundred times to do something simple like "look far out in front of you" and then one other person happens to mention it to them and they swear it was the egg from the golden goose. You might as well not beat your head against the wall because they probably won't notice. We think it's a design flaw with this newer model of child. Gotta love them though. Dave
  12. Decreasing Dave

    Gearing question Husqvarna 701SM(2018).

    What's stock? On my 2010 690SMC I dropped the front down one tooth, though I would have rather kept it stock and gone up two teeth in the rear. It was grunty down low but would only cruise comfortably at around 75ish. It would top out just shy of 90. It was great for blasting around town/hooliganism type crap but longer rides were tiresome. Dave
  13. Decreasing Dave

    Disaster- Rain/Mud

    So how did it go oldsoldier? Did she race on the 21st? Keep us informed. I love to hear how the kids are doing, they are the future of our sport. Plus I love what you are doing with her, the training and the spending of time. I am able to enjoy the same things with my son. He's 14 now and needs a 250, but those early years of teaching him and watching him progress were awesome. It still is except now the kid shows me how to clear jumps sometimes. Now he's another riding buddy but the quality time is gold. Especially at the difficult age that he is at right now. I feel especially blessed to have this connection in an Xbox age. So forgive me if I like to enjoy hearing about those same things with you and your granddaughter. These are special times indeed. Dave
  14. Decreasing Dave

    New bike!

    ....like clothes, and food. Same here. Dave
  15. Expandable foam insulation!!!