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  1. Tslapper

    Street Registering

    You are correct. I found this is the first thing to do and will be working on that. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Tslapper

    Street Registering

    Howdy, I'm thinking I can register my WR426 for the road here in Maine. I've been told I can get a road use title by applying for one. I figure it's a one shot deal if I go over there with my story. So before I go I thought I'd see if somebody here has done it and willing to talk about it. I just bought the bike, no title, written billl of sale. The only reason to do it is to be legal for using short sections of tar, riding logging roads to the single tracks etc. Or just bailing out of the woods to get home quick. A white plate here will keep alot of enforcement people happy. TIA