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  1. Verdict?
  2. My wife's 150r, 09, started to do the same. We drain the gas after every outing. Anyway after a proper tear down on the bike I noticed there have been some tension on the hot start cable. I've been seeing guys put 45 pilots in. That's way to rich! I nearly have it dialed with the factory 38 at 5000'. Picked up a 40 and that will likely do it. What most are doing by going up to 45 is attempting to run rich and compensate for a lean condition when the accelerator circuit is supposed to be working. Likely those with 45 pilots will have some babbling during deceleration when the throttle is closed. I confirmed 38 is just too lean with SJ out at 2.5 turns out by holding the throttle at 1/2 for 3-5 seconds then rapidly closing it. This yielded a lean backfire, but very little. Holding the choke out a tiny bit and doing the same fixed the problem. I'll be playing with the accelerator circuit later this week. Thus is something I didn't do on my 04 450R. Why you ask? Because I ended up using an overly rich pilot, as stated above. Now I have a 13 450R so no worries. I recommend you don't go up to a 45 like others have stated as I'm nearly certain there are other things wrong with their machine. Most don't take the time to check their plug condition as they are supposed to. Do that per your manual and you will save fuel and get better performance. I'll report back when I get that done.
  3. Air in your system, fluid got hot and by convection expanded the trapped air. Thus increasing pressure on your system and applying the breaks.
  4. You can make the cam tensioner tool in 2 minutes.
  5. Any time stud!
  6. Paint right get away, yes. I'm just saying the paint will wear off from a number of things and will rust again.
  7. True enough as well. Over rich mix cannot be ignored. All oils are not equal for the same ratios. If you think they are do a viscosity check.
  8. Muriatic can be picked up at plenty of places. It will strip rust off like Chuck Norris. Be ready to paint right away though or you'll have a worse case. Anything you coat will simply rub off again and rust will return though. Maybe you are selling it and want it pretty.
  9. I don't think so bro. The air simply gets compressed. The only way it gets smaller is with more pressure which is finite and relatively low in our bikes. Bottom line the air needs to be removed.
  10. What?! What kind of physics is this?
  11. Float height, or stuck float needle as previously mentioned. In regards to fouling plugs mix your oil properly. Most fools have no idea the proper ratio not do they realize their trail riding is not even close to high temps experienced in racing. This they mix per the manual but trail ride, while rarely flogging the engine. This fouled plugs. Belray MC-1 and H1-R at 50:1 for years in my CR125, CR500 and CR250 with hours and hours of hill climbing and trail il riding. Never an issue.
  12. Been using stainless reliable from Scott's on my 04 Honda 450 and now on my 13 I could only get a different brand. Checked the oil flow and particle screening at our campus flow lab. All check out according to manufacturer. Worth every penny.
  13. Montana

    Crazy Mtns., so I hear. Had a blast at pipestone this weekend. Bumped into a few new riders. A few too many stops for my liking but glad to help the guys in need. Got a bit wet up toward whitetail lake on Saturday late afternoon. Came in with the fingers numb and the kids hurting. Character building! Sunday however was bitching! So much traction, unstoppable and mad grip out of corners. Lastly, sad to see some ass hat has to tear up a nicely done map board! I mean really dudes? Ever heard of taking a photo?
  14. Montana

    Thanks for the wing man this afternoon/evening Wild. Had a great time. The old MX knobbies and gearing made it work but a great view!