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  1. TEAM SLUT..... You guys are twisted! Those trails looked like jeeps went through them except they weren't that wide. How many of you are walking funny today?
  2. What happened to the.......MEOW! Shawn what day are you going down?
  3. I've gotta hand it to Pete for even thinking of taking the 950 on a night ride, pure insanity...... Shawn did great too considering his lights being out and having to follow my silouette. And I think Larson got a great workout this weekend picking up 4 strokes (other peoples). Fun event, next year that Night Enduro is ours Shawn!
  4. That springy thing is part of your wiper seal. As long as it isn't stretched out just slide it back up onto your seal. It fits into a groove on the seal. You should turn up your compression clickers a couple (front & rear). This should keep you from bottoming out the suspension which most likely caused the spring to come off in the first place.
  5. I'd love to make it but I know I'm gonna' be recovering from my Stumpjumper inflicted hangover or Celebrating Father's day - perhaps both depending how queasy my stomach is in the morning.
  6. I have to replace my fuel pump in my car Saturday. Sunday I want to got to WORCS. Shawn..... you interested? You get Suzuki Bucks right? Might be worth $400 to you.
  7. You need to realize that you just choked down your motor by putting on the Spark arrestor. I have the same one for my bike and it definately robs power! Try leaning out your jetting, it's easy especially if you have a manual to follow. You can't go wrong.
  8. I'd Love to go to Idaho City. ISDE's are a blast to ride But unfortunately I will be at Eddieville, hopefully in front of Don.....
  9. Trail.
  10. Villapoto will be racing- My money is on Langston for the lites followed by Short then Villapoto. For SX it will be Bubba, Carmichael, then Reed.
  11. I ran the expert class. Had a good start until I got a rear pinch flat about a 1/3rd of the way into it (trying to run too low of pressure on a balding 19" for those "test" sections). Luckily for me my buddy Don had a 21" tube I repaired it and made the second loop . Thanks Don! I had to do 3 of the "test" sections twice on my second loop. They were a blast. It was a great day and a great event. Thanks SMC!
  12. Actually I think I'll just get Brit to do it. She snapped her Achilles tendon and the Doctor told her she needed some physical therapy.
  13. Jim found a license plate and so did Steve.
  14. Hey, shawn what time are you heading out on Saturday?
  15. You have a Saturday off! Looks like yard work for me. I'm going to try and get it done Saturday so I can play Sunday.