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  1. Awesome! Thanks. My DVR already missed one because NBC and Speed call it different names:bonk:
  2. An arenacross is being held in Farmington, NM on July 10th. There is a $5000 pro purse!!! It sounds like it will be awesome. Also, Redbull FMX rider Lance Coury, and 2 O'Neal FMX riders will be performing. See you there! http://www.nolimitmxracing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57
  3. Motocross

    He has shown he definitely has the talent and speed. I'm sure he'll settle down and get his groove. Of course, he's our hometown boy, I am a lil biased. But I do think he will be in top 3 again within the next 2 races.
  4. I didn't read all the replies, but Im pretty sure that guy is jumping half way through. Maybe its just the camera. Looks like he does a 20 ft. jump though right in middle of bowl.
  5. great ideal. email sent!
  6. I sell 110 leaded race fuel. The shelf life is shorter on race fuel, but it should not gum up your carb more than any other fuel unless it is left sitting for a period of time. I also would not suggest using 100LL aviation fuel. If you did 50/50 mix, you probably won't notice much anyways. But the aviation fuels have an additive to prevent freezing or gumming up @ high altitudes and I hear that additive actually hinders our high performance engines output. But really, at least in my case, I don't tap into all the power of the 450 yet anyways. But maybe someday Ill get there.
  7. is the '06 the same stock jetting? I also live 1 mile high!
  8. This makes me sick The coincidence of the timing is too weird. Just last night I pulled off my CRT performance filter for the 1st time and I found the folllowing: I will try to explain best I can: The set screw was lightly lodged in the hole that oil comes out of into filter. So I wondered what was up. Then I noticed that there was no spring in the filter, and the ball bearing which belongs in the "cylinder" inside the filter, had actually gone through the cylinder, and was rolling around freely in the filter between the element and the "cylinder." So I am scared to death its sitting in the motor. But I dont know how that could happen. If I understand right, the oil flows this way.. the oil enters the inside of the filter and flows to the outside of filter and into the pump. If this is correct, how would those parts go "upstream" and go backwards into the motor or screen? Can there be a reverse suction when shutting off the motor or something? I am gonna be 1 pissy dude if I find out I have ridden a couple of times with a spring bouncing around in the sump, or motor. (added in edit): I have just talked to Glenn @ CRT Performance. HE treated me well, but is puzzled by the concept. So I have emailed him to document problem, and will continue research. Any techies please chime in and give us any clues. Thanks!
  9. mxmancr250, what skid plate do you have? I think that is the one Im looking for and have not seen it around. Thanks!
  10. they are that much better, but wait til someone has an 06 that they bought and let them eat $1000. I just bought a used 06 RMZ450, and saved 1k. My buddy just bought a brand new 06 YZF450, and I bet he doesnt keep it over 1 month. He doesnt like dirt riding like he thought he would. Point is: Im already seeing some used 06's on the market. GETYA ONE!
  11. Of course, I dont have the manual. bought it used. But I know where I can download a service manual. It is the "bottom seals". Dont know If im saying it right, but its leaking where the upper fork seals over the smaller diameter lower fork. I assume it is just the "fork seal".
  12. I have an 06 with about 12 hours on it. I just noticed a small leak coming out of upper forks. Probably just a seal. Ive turned a lot of wrenches, but not on forks. Any help or ideas. While Im at it, I guess Ill do the fork fluid. Again, suggestions?
  13. thanks everyone. I will take the advice and ride stock for awhile. I just remember back in the YZ426 days, a pipe made a huge difference and i liked it, but these are totally different monsters. Plus I dont race or ride hard, so Ill save the cash and keep stock for now! thanks for all the input!
  14. of an '06 RMZ 450 After much debate, I purchased a used (ridden 4 times) 06. It was a tough decision between CRF and YZF, but everyone loves the RMZ. Its just too cold to ride it here. I hope to go out Saturday. I have not ridden on dirt in about 3 yrs. Last bike was YZ426, so I cant wait! anyone have suggestions on which pipe you like on the 450?
  15. Im in Farmington.