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  1. matt 333

    oil in breather pipe yfz450

    Well I'm guessing by your last post that we have a problem then.Changed the oil and filled to 1.98 litres and we ended up being overfull after warming up.Installed longer tube from seperator and didn't have any leakage.Tough to decide if we should have to tear into the motor.That kind of crankcase presuure would indicate perhaps a cracked piston or poss h/gasket leak but we don't show signs of your normal worn out eng symptoms. Thanx for your help Peter
  2. matt 333

    oil in breather pipe yfz450

    No, the oil is clean and does not smell like fuel.This happened suddenly,only noticed it after the really wet ride,but not before.Don't think we pulled in any water but it was my son riding it not me.airbox is open and has 2 large openings at the bottom also(?)Thinking it might be time to open it up.Motor was not fresh but was said to have maybe 20 hrs.Never know when buying used.Everyone but a few is of the opinion this is normal?I'm not so sure Peter
  3. matt 333

    oil in breather pipe yfz450

    That was the first thing I checked because I have had this with a ktm product that suggested 3/4 liter when changing oil but would spew out of the breather if you used that much .Less oil no problem.I did check ours and was right on the full line.Haven't changed it yet.Was wondering if I had another ktm on my hands.It's also been suggested to me that the motor is pooched and this is blowby.Seems like a lotta blowby to come on suddenly, and I don't have anything coming out the pipe or driveability issues.Pulls like a bear.That's why I'm using this site .Let the more experienced guide me. Thanx for the input.Wanna go racin this weekend and don't know if we have a problem or not. Peter
  4. matt 333

    oil in breather pipe yfz450

    Sounds like this is a common thing .Doesn't seem normal to me.Does anyone know if there is a fix.Is the motor tired?We had a fair bit of oil on the arm also.Not sure on the air filter issue,seems like overkill.I was wrong when i said it was a k&n.After pulling off the first foam filter the inside says pro flo or something like that.It has its own foam built in.Do I need the second one? Thanx for any help Peter
  5. matt 333

    oil in breather pipe yfz450

    thanx for replying.This started suddenly after riding in wet ,muddy conditions.Researched the subject and sounds quite common,but seems excessive in our case.Rode for 1/hr last nite and swingarm has fair bit of oil on it.Enough to drip off onto the ground.Anyone experience this?Appreciate any input on the subject Peter
  6. matt 333

    Yamaha oil in breather pipe yfz450

    Just bought 05 yfz 450,rage built national motor,480 athena kit ,wr crank.Can anyone tell me why we would have oil coming up breather tube that goes into air box?Also has a kn air filter with 2 sponge filters overtop.Too many?Any way to distinguish if indeed it has an athena kit by looking at the outside? thanx for any help in advance Peter
  7. matt 333

    Where order parts in Canada?

    Large Kudos to the TT store.Sent all my stuff USPS,shipping was cheap,fast.Customer service was excellent.Can't compare price wise to anything local.Even factoring in exchange,(didn't pay and duty).Don't worry you won't be disappointed! Matt
  8. matt 333

    honing 250f

    Was under the impression nickasil linings were not to be honed? Matt
  9. matt 333

    frame question

    Rebuilding our 05 250f.Got the frame sandblasted and powdercoated.Looks great.Looking forward to putting it back together.Heres the problem,sandblasting caoting technique has wiped ou the frames serial number.What now?Anyone dealt with this problem before and how? thanx in adv Matt
  10. matt 333

    honing 250f

    thanx a bunch! Matt
  11. matt 333

    honing 250f

    I'm o/hauling our motor,installing new piston,rings,etc.Is the cylinder nikasil lined or do I need to hone (deglaze) to properly seat the rings? Thanx in adv Matt
  12. matt 333

    Valve Question

    Hey thanx for the link,it was suggested we try photoshopping the frame first to get an idea of what it would look like.Got adobe photoshop cs2 but cant seem to get it to change the frame color.Any body on here know how this is done ,maybe post a sample.We have an 05 250f and were thinkin of yellow. Peter
  13. matt 333

    Valve Question

    hey guys soory to hijack, but we're at the powder coat stage and have had many different opinions on this subject.Are you happy with the end result?What color did you do your frame?Anyone have an older powder coated frame.How does it hold up? Peter
  14. matt 333

    250 YZF timing problem

    Have this very same problem with our 05.Posted previously but had no response.Am anxious to see if in fact we are out.According to cam timing pictures we are out approx 5 teeth.Yet we have no damage(valves or piston)everything looks good.Would anyone have pictures of balancer timing? Peter
  15. matt 333

    05 250f

    Hey Guys,have an 05 250f,suffered some oil starvation in the top end after the inner most clutch plate broke in half and plugged up the strainer.No idea how it got out of the basket.Bike was running last season after flushing best we could.Started lightly ticking so we shut er down.Never started again after that.After taking apart this week marked all cam gears for reassembly.Noticed after reading many a post on this site that not only is clutch fibre breakage common,but we may have jumped on the intake cam.This would explain our no start but found no visible damage to valves or piston,all are seating and sealing correctly,Should I not have this damage?Best i can figure the intake cam is 5 teeth out.Doesn't make sense to me.Any advice. thanx in adv Peter:confused: