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  1. well i think staying off the clutch is the key, and also proper mixture of coolant. ive raced and rode some tight trails and never over heated my bike.but theres always a first.cant wait to take it on the big bear trails, and creekcrossings. i just got a 06 525EXC and it is bitchen.
  2. ractive1

    What did you pay for your 525EXC--poll

    i guess i got spanked frieght and extended warrinty and lic and everything 9266 otd i guess i should of talked to u guys first o well live and learn
  3. ractive1

    525 Xc Sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!

    i just bought a 2006 525EXC cant wait to get it to the desert. ive been riding a klx650 what a pig. this bike feels so bitchen and the power is just right, but will get to know the bike during break in. i was going to wait for 2 tanks for break in anyone know how long i should wait before i can open her up?
  4. ractive1

    Just got my 1st KTM!!!

    well i just bought a 06 525exc and a 450sx for my step son havent had it on dirt but cant wait. i just got off a klx650 beast. look out desert here i caome
  5. ractive1

    Best Dual Sport

    i have a 93 KLX650 thats great for trail riding and can cruise down freeway at 75 mpr and had front forks revavled so if i hit some thing hard offroad it can handle it. my problem is i try riding it with my friends who ride 450 so yea its heavy but for trials and some good riding my KLX is great. and beind a 93 it doesnt have all the plastics the KLR has. so it is easy to maintian. but im selling it so i can keepup with my buddies. goingt to start doing stuff like MOAB utah and Mojave trail. so i need something lighter.
  6. ractive1

    Renthal bowed bar / Scotts Damper

    i just put a DBR dampner on a WR with renthal bars and its no prob, because u have the clamps that hold it on can move after u bend crossbar. PS i have a press so it made it easy u just have to go slow and not ruch it.
  7. ractive1

    We got trouble

    how many hours on it and how old. what about vavle adjustment?
  8. ractive1

    KLX650C vs. KLX650R

    i have a 93KLXC and ive had my suspension revalved to handle the wieght. i weight in at 170lbs and i ride this piss out of my bike offroad only. but at 300lb bike if ti wants to go down theres nothing u can do butgo with it. now im looking at a CRF450X for the weight only. it been a great bike but now will sell. $2000.00 if anyone interested. im in southern california.
  9. ractive1

    Extra Oil in Trans???

    and it only took 1/2 qt till it ran out of hole
  10. ractive1

    Extra Oil in Trans???

    i just put in mercon III per my mech. but i only went to full line not sure about qt thing.
  11. ractive1

    CRF450X WR450F difference?

    i asked my mech. about tranny and he has one and says to run tranny oil in trans, better lubrication he said so im going out today and will tell u how it goes. whats the worst that can happen, ill have to rebiuld my trans. no prob its only a tranny.
  12. ractive1

    Best bike for female?

    find and 100 somewhere or a ttr125l perfect then if she doesnt like to ride then u have a bitchen pit bike or drunk bike around camp
  13. ractive1

    Blown Transmission CRF450X

    is that why i keep hearing other talk about useing a qt instead of recomended amount
  14. ractive1

    CRF450X WR450F difference?

    even on the 2006 models? i am getting a honda but had heard of problems. i love the desert and used to race in the 80's now ride a KLX650 and want to upgrade to something lightler.my buddies have wr426 wr450 cant wait to blow there doors off
  15. ractive1

    CRF450X WR450F difference?

    whats with the valve issue i keep hearing about azzhole