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  1. Splise

    06 450 Breather / Airbox mods...

    Does a person need to have a heat shield on the breather hose using this mod? I am a little concerned about it melting. I did this mod on my bike, but the hoses are touching the top end which gets very hot obviously. It looks exactly like the pictures shown above. I just ordered the crank hose for the 2006 WR450F, and am going to replace my 2006 YZ450F crank breather with that one. The part number for the hose is 5TJ-11166-00-00 in case anyone is interested. I am not sure if the hose is going to fit as it would on the WR, but I think it should. The WR450f hose is formed to run to the air box quite a bit higher up, and also comes with a heat shield. If anyone knows why this would not be a good fit/idea, please let me know. Otherwise I will post later on how it fits, in case there are people wanting to add this mod to their YZ450F. I would still add the clear T mod to the new hose. Thanks.
  2. Splise

    Help 06 Rmz450 Cant Kick

    I just wanted to add that I was able to kick over the bike fine since I got it started the first time with a tow. I couldn't tell if it sounded any different or not, but it seemed to run fine. I didn't run it for very long however, not wanting to make things worse.
  3. Splise

    Help 06 Rmz450 Cant Kick

    I am currently having a similar problem with my 2006 YZ450F. I dropped it in a river, and thought I had sucked up water into my cylinder exhaust hose again. When I was trying to start it, it felt like the piston was locked up, but then every couple of times it would kick over. I was never able to get it started with the kick start, didn't even sound like it was close to firing up. But I was able to get a tow and start it that way after a long time. Upon changing the oil, it came out a metallic color. It did not appear milky like it did once before when I apparently got water in the engine. I also had a magnetic drain plug. When I pulled it out, there was a few larger pieces of metal stuck to it, they looked dark in color, and almost seemed like it could be a ring or something. They were about an 1/8 - 1/4 inch long, and about 1/32 inch wide and almost looked like they had a bit of a curve to them, so that's why I was thinking rings. I have someone tearing apart my motor right now. If he doesn't find anything with the piston, cylinder or rings, I am going to take the motor in to get it cracked for them to check it out. He said the head looked OK, and that the cam bearing were blue in color from heat. Not sure if this is normal. Any ideas on what might be going on? What should I get him to replace before putting it back together?
  4. Splise

    Milky Engine Oil

    It is a 4 stroke. I didn't sink it, but like I said I did stall it in water up to my pegs. The crankcase vent would have been submerged at that point. The stall didn't feel like a low RPM stall out due to being in the wrong gear or bad clutching, but rather the engine cutting out instantly. Took a while to kick over, and I was still in the water when I was kicking it over. I would definitely tell you if I totally submerged it as I want to come to the right solution for this problem, so it doesn't help me to not tell the truth. I changed the oil 4 times last night, and by the second time there was a drastic difference in how the oil looked. By the 3rd time, I couldn't see any discoloration in the oil. I then changed it one more time, and will go riding on Friday for a couple hours. That will be the big test. I will drain my oil after the ride, and see if it is milky again. Anyone I have talked to that rides a YZ says they are constantly topping up their coolant, so i don't want to base it soley on that. But like I said, if the oil is really milky after Friday I know I have a problem. If it is just a little, it my be due to residual water in the engine, although there shouldn't be very much.
  5. Splise

    Milky Engine Oil

    Just seems weird to me. I have had a 2 stroke for 3 years, and rode it out there and never had trouble. But maybe the water was just a little deeper this time. I guess should wait until the snow is totally melted next time , got a little excited I guess . Just didn't think I was swamping my bike. Guess I will have to change the oil a few more times and hope for the best. You have definitely given me some hope that it is nothing serious.
  6. Splise

    Milky Engine Oil

    Thanks for the reply. I was talking to the mechanic at the shop I bought it from. He said he has never seen a head gasket go on a YZ450F. I know it probably has, but it would make it very unlikely. Also the 4 stroke do spill coolant if they get hot. So even though my coolant looks low, it may be due to it being released. the one guys says he is always topping his off after riding because they are such hot running engines. He also said that I definitely need to change the oil a few more times, because even a few drops of water in the engine can make the oil milky. I will top off the coolant, and change the oil a couple more times, take it for a ride, and see if it milky again. If that works, I an definitely re-routing my crankcase breather into the air box. Does this sound like a good plan?
  7. Splise

    Milky Engine Oil

    8 mins is also the longest I have left it idle. Normally its about 3-4 mins. I have only have the bike for 2 months, and ridden it 3 times. Does letting it idle really wreck the gaskets that quickly?
  8. Splise

    Milky Engine Oil

    I don't see any white in the exhaust as far as I can tell. I have changed the oil before the wet ride, and the oil was fine, but right after it was milky. A teardown sounds expensive. Is it something a person with average mechanical abilities can do?
  9. I have a 06 YZ450F. I know this question has been asked a million times before, but I am sitting on the fence about what to do. I was out riding in very wet conditions, and crossed a few creeks, as well as stalling my bike in water up to my pegs. I know, not very smart . I changed my oil when I got back, and it was milky. I know it sounds obvious as to why the oil is milky. However, after taking a look at my coolant level, it is barely above the fins in the rad. So I am guessing that means it's lower than normal. I also lot a tiny bit form the bike idling too long. And it almost seems like the coolant level is going down, but I can't be sure. I have changed the oil one more time since it was milky. I did not ride it, but let it idle for about 8 minutes or so, and gave it a little gas to try and keep it from overheating. And the second change was milky as well, but about 20% less than before. But that may be due to me not actually taking it for a ride. I would have assumed that the second change would have been a LOT less milky. I am wondering if it is a water pump gasket, a head gasket, or just residual water in my oil? This is really frustrating . How many times do I have to change it before I know it's a gasket or something else? I am trying to get this fixed as soon as possible so any help would be appreciated!! Thanks