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  1. richeeeeee

    AIr leaking from front tire

    I had the same problem with my daughters bike. The 150 does not come with a beadlock and I replaced the tube twice before irealized the problem. Been fine since i installed the beadlock
  2. richeeeeee

    2006 TTR125 Jetting Info

    I ended up going back to the stock pilot. Mine was just too rich even with the screw all the way in. (just my 2 cents)
  3. richeeeeee

    06 ttr 125 has no pilot screw

    Just did this on my daughter 06. Had to drill out the cap. Tried using the recommended pilot jet and it would hardly run with the screw all the way in at 1800 ft. alt. So back to the stock pilot at 3 turns out and its running fine.just a slight stumble off idle that i cant seem to fix. The needle on mine which is a Calif. model has no adjustment just a little plastic spacer under the clip has anyone else figured this out.