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  1. $2800 - $3500 absolute max, depending on amount of available inventory in your geographic area. Knowing the usage and maintenance history is positive compensating factor in value all day long in my book. You have to consider also the cost of deferred maintenance as mentioned above that may need to be addressed, and what it will cost you in time and fuel to go pick up the bike. ​And finally, what mods the bike has currently that are of value to you.. mods don't have very good return value for the seller, but can definitely be positives for you if you care about them.
  2. I am a vet rider about 180lbs, and have both owned and ridden lots of KTM's and YZ's, both 2 and 4 strokes of each brand as well as 250's and 450's. I prefer a 4 stroke on the track, but don't get along to well with 450's due to the weight and power issues, so I have tested a few 250f big bores and like them pretty well. I have been searching for the perfect bike for me and had always wondered how much better a pro race team 250f bike would actually be... So I recently found such a bike used and purchased it.. which happens to be a 2011 yz250f... and all I have to say is HOLY CRAP this thing is insane compared to stock. I have ridden very well tuned, carbed bikes before, but none of them had that fuel injected feel, you could always tell the difference. This 250f feels just like a fuel injected bike.. seriously its exactly like fuel injection, no joke. The guy I bought if from told me it felt that way, but I really didn't believe it was possible until I rode it myself. This motor has zero hesitation, instant snap, power and over-rev that pulls to the moon and keeps going, from way down low all the way to the top.. and it’s very easy to ride and as reliable as stock. From what I was told.. here is list of things done to the motor that affect power .. oil tank removed & wet sumped, removed counter balancer, balanced and lightened the crank, GYTR head and cams with slightly larger valves, high compression Pro-circuit piston, Pro-circuit /JD race ignition, carb jetted correctly with float height set , Tassinari airbox, finished off with a full Pro-circuit exhaust. So it’s possible to find a killer deal on a late model , very low hour used yz250f, throw a few thousand dollars into mods and still come out ahead with a bad to the bone motor that is a blast to ride. Oh, and the bike is very light too.. about the same weight as a yz250 2 stroke.
  3. nopremix

    2004 Exhaust Cam on A 2002?

    ahhh good times... I still remember the day I officially retired my decompression lever on my 01'.
  4. nopremix

    A little 2014 YZ250F Info

    Thumbs up on the lower seat height.. been waiting for that, as much as FI. Can't wait to get one!
  5. nopremix

    Swap out the YZ426 for a YZ250?

    I would stick wtih an 02' and on up yz250, since the motor is the same from then forward. Lots of parts available too that can be swapped around.
  6. nopremix

    How To Identify Year OF Manufacture

    05 has sliver tops on the fork caps, 06+ has a bronze color on the fork caps. 06-07 the way to tell is graphics package, do a google search, if it still has the stock graphics.
  7. nopremix

    fork model year

    Super fast and easy way to tell.... if the top of the fork cap is silver, then its an 05' - if its an anodized gold/brown color, then its an 2006 - current. I have seen many people try to pass off 05 forks as the 06+ SSS forks, and honestly many people have no idea of the difference because they look the same on the outside aside from the color. Also FYI - the 07+ 250f SSS forks use the updated caliper which is smaller and the older calipers won't bolt up - same deal on the master cylinder for 07+, they use a different brake lever.
  8. seriously..? I have owned them both, but going back to an EXC is a HUGE step backwards. The YZ is very tunable to do anyting, and adding lights is no big deal.
  9. nopremix

    98 yz400 help!!

    my 400 ended up blowing up a top end when the comp release cable was set too tight. Yamaha replaced it under warranty, but I learned a lesson to make sure and keep an eye on it. I would zero in on that issue ...
  10. Ha ha.. more like many years of dicing with the likes of Emig and others back in the day. Its that pipe that makes the difference.. oh yea.. and that super secret clutch lever system ...lol
  11. nopremix

    01 yzf426 front end rattle

    yep agreed... cam chain tensioner and cam chain need replaced, and piston slap are the most likely what you need to focus on. Its sometimes really hard to diagnose where a sound is actually coming from, as the vibrations can fool you. Back in 2000, I had a 1998 400f which developed a strange whining sound when it was reved up, much like a street rod car with a double cam chain. Took everything apart, never could figure it out.. .sold it.
  12. nopremix

    Stupid green bikes, nohing but problems!

    ok, here are some secrets my friends and I use for the hiding the bikes from the wives...top secret stuff...lol Its been done so many times now, its become a joke between myself and my wife to see how long I can get away with a new one. Works best when you don't hang on to any particular bike for more than a year, and it helps if you already have at least 2 bikes in the garage. #1 -take them apart and stash parts around the garage.. then come up with a story about putting a basket case together over a few months and how you are going to sell if for more $$ when its all done ( you can even convince yourself if you try hard enough ) #2 - change the plastic color ( numbers too if necessary ) to be the same as your other bike(s) - cover one up with a tarp, boxes and general crap in your garage and .. then just act cool. Helps when you keep a tarp on bikes all the time for distraction. #3 - store in your buddy's garage, a storage unit, your enclosed trailer...whatever..., then introduce it slowly over time, let it spend the night at your house once and a while. #4 - put the bikes right next too each other, and if they look similar, she won't even notice... its amazing. #5 - never act like its a big deal when you get busted... just say its an investment and you were helping out a riding buddy that needed some cash for a while. Seriously... don't kid yourself if you don't think your wife isn't doing the same crap to you with a new pair of shoes, pants, makeup... whatever... its all good clean fun !!!!
  13. nopremix

    looking for woods bike

    $2500 max dollar bike in my area - WOW he must think his in an 08-09 model...
  14. nopremix

    looking for woods bike

    Oh yea... no question about that- don't always drink the orage kool-aid, it can make you forget how to count $$
  15. nopremix

    looking for woods bike

    Wayyyy over priced for an 04' ... you could do better buying out of state and shipping in .