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  1. CSRacing76

    xr650r engine

    Thanks for the replys. Yes this is for a baja 1000 quad i've talked with a few people that really like there 650 race bike. I think the top speed and overall faster cruising speed will be nice in fast sections!! Does anyone know what the actual difference in weight between the engines? 650 and 450? With uncorking the 650 do you keep the stock cam?
  2. CSRacing76

    xr650r engine

    I'm hoping that I could get some help trying to find an xr650 engine for sale. I could buy a wrecked xr650 to use the engine as well. How do you get a brand new one? Where is a good place to find a used one? How much am I looking at? Does anyone want to sell an xr650r engine? Thanks for your help James CSracing