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  1. I recently installed a Moose Racing]vent cap on my new 2012 EFI Husqvarna TXC310. While riding the other day, my fuel tank expanded like a balloon and my plastics started to became distorted. I opened the gas cap on my bike and a lot of air escaped and the tank and plastics reverted back to the original form. I have used vent caps on my non-EFI bikes with no problem (2 strokes and 4 strokes). The vent cap I put on the bike was working properly. Does Moose Racing vent caps work on EFI bikes or and I looking at another issue?
  2. GARYG

    This years asterisks goes to.....

    T.REX, you just managed to place an asterisk next to Ryan Dungey's 2010 SX title. You did not indicate how in 2010 RD showed up, raced clean and earned the 2010 AMA Supercross Championship. You simply stated "Poto gave one away a couple years ago in St. Louis." That is CRAP. I have been following MX and SX since 1974 and at no time have I ever seen a rider "give one away." Every rider who has won a MX or SX championship has earned it, they were not given to them. Hard work and consistency wins championships.
  3. GARYG

    Husqvarna for "Outdoors"

    Travis Preston won the Houston round of the AMA 125cc West Region Supercross serie in 2001. His best AMA 250cc motocross result was eighth-place at the season finale at Delmont, Pa... Raced with Ferracci Husqvarna team
  4. GARYG

    Alessi get the Hell out of the way!

    I do not know if I watched the same race as you all but didn't CR and MA catch RV at that point. MA held his line and gave CR every opportunity to pass him and Chad could not make the pass. MA stayed about 2-4 bike lengths ahead of CR and did not block his progress in any way, shape or form. Both CR and MA ran a faster lap time than RV during that sequence and when CR passed MA he was only about 3 bike lengths behind RV. I would contend that MA helped CR in that he helped CR close the gap and a short time later CR passed RV. It was a great race and had an awesome finish.
  5. GARYG

    My new toy

    Just got on the bike for the first time today. Taking it slow and easy for the first hour or so. So far I am very impressed. Once I get it broken in and opened up, I will give a report.
  6. GARYG

    My new toy

    2012Husqvarna TXC310
  7. GARYG

    MXDN Letdown

    Roczen is the real deal. I was impressed with him last year in Colorado, in this years GPs and this weekends race as well. Props to all the riders and teams today:banana:
  8. It is official. I hope Dungey is on KTM next year:ride: http://www.racerxonline.com/2011/09/12/official-pr-dungey-to-leave-suzuki-
  9. GARYG

    hernia surgery on monday

    Had a hernia above my belly button 30 years ago. Not too much pain but it can hurt like he!! when you cough, sneeze of pass gas. For the first week be sure to keep a pillow with you at all times. When you need to sneeze , cough or pass gas pull the pillow into your stomach before you do, this will help a bunch with the pain. After the first week you will be just fine.
  10. GARYG

    Husaberg 390 info

    Thanks for the info. If I get a chance to look at the Beta, I will. Looks like just might go with another KTM300 xc. May look at the Husqvarna 300 XC-W as well.
  11. GARYG

    Husaberg 390 info

    I am in the market for a new bike. I own a 2006 KTM 250 XC-W and a 2007 KTM 300 XC. I have been looking for articles on the Berg 390 but I have not had any luck finding any tests. I am 49 years of age and I race (I mean I ride) hare scrambles and desert. Can anyone here provide me with a link for a 2011 390 Berg test and /or give me your take on the 390. I want to get a bike easy to ride, easy to maintain and is bullet proof( I do take care of all my bikes so maintenence is not an issue with me). A 250F is not enough bike for me and a 450F is too much; so I hope the 390 will suit my needs. Any info would sure go a long way into helping me decide my next new bike: either a 2011 Husaberg 390 or a New KTM 300 XC-W.
  12. GARYG

    Will Villopoto be disqualified - 1st moto

    CR might protest because RV can still catch him and pass him in the points. 11 points extra on his point lead is close to a 4 moto advantage.
  13. All the results show JS in 20th place yet he still gets 3 points. Peick gets 1 point for 19th and Goerke gets 2 points for 18th. Per the AMA scoring system, Goerke should get 3 pts, Peick 2 pts and JS 1 Pt. Since all 3 riders never finished a lap, should they not all receice 1 PT each for last place?
  14. GARYG

    Wa Da Buc!!! Letting Bubba get back on his bike!

    If you watch the replay of the incident, at no time did the medical crew even look at James. They were too busy holding his bike up and making sure her got back in the race. The medical crew did not do their job. http://www.motocrossactionmag.com/Main/News/ASK-THE-MXPERTS-SHOULDNT-JAMES-STEWART-BE-DQED-FOR-7737.aspx