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  1. alleuro

    Battery Problem?

    Yes, you fried your battery. MC batteries should only be charged about 1 hour on the lowest setting of an automobile style charger. 8 hours might have cooked it.
  2. alleuro

    Handle bar clamps???

    Sean, Check out www.ptenduro.com they make a clamp that offsets the bar forward and up an inch and you can then mount a scotts dampner. If you get a dampner make sure to get the longer arm... The clamp comes for pro taper or standard size bars $99 bucks
  3. alleuro

    Steering Damper for 06 TC?????

    I just put on a scotts with a PT enduro concepts sub mount on an 05 TE 450 should all work on your O6 as well. http://www.ptenduro.com/ Just call these guys and get the bar mount and then call scotts and get a damper with a longer arm. If you don't want a sub mount just get the whole rig from scotts. www.scottsonline.com I can email a picture if your interested. I used a weld on tower.