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  1. Yes, you fried your battery. MC batteries should only be charged about 1 hour on the lowest setting of an automobile style charger. 8 hours might have cooked it.
  2. Sean, Check out they make a clamp that offsets the bar forward and up an inch and you can then mount a scotts dampner. If you get a dampner make sure to get the longer arm... The clamp comes for pro taper or standard size bars $99 bucks
  3. I just put on a scotts with a PT enduro concepts sub mount on an 05 TE 450 should all work on your O6 as well. Just call these guys and get the bar mount and then call scotts and get a damper with a longer arm. If you don't want a sub mount just get the whole rig from scotts. I can email a picture if your interested. I used a weld on tower.