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    2006 TE510 radiator guards

    TMEX, Glad you sorted your guards out. I will mention though, that a dragonfly had a head on collision with my guards and actualy dented them! Still, better than nothing. Well, I am in love with my Husky also. I have spent many many hours just sitting there admiring it. I installed an Akropovic exhaust system on mine. I am extremely impressed to say the least. The system will blow your mind!
  2. Roosta_450

    What oil are you guys running? -TE450

    Thanks for the help guys. Full Synth it will be then. Barrobuild, I am in love with my TE450 also. My previous bike was a Yamaha WR450.
  3. Roosta_450

    2006 TE510 radiator guards

    TMEX, I have the exact ones. I bought them from R&D also. I purchased the rear bracing aswell. I had troubles with the top holes fitting. I filed them out and they finally fit. They are a bit of bitch to install. Just persist as I did! Can you tell me what Brand, type, and oil change intervals you are using on your bike please?
  4. Hey Guys, I am new to this site. This is my first post..........I can't beleive how much information there is on this site. Congratulations on the wealth of Knowledge! I own a Husky TE450 2005 model and I would like to know what oil you guys are using. The Service book states AGIP 10-60 Racing 4T. This is a synthetic oil. Do you use Synthetic oil? or Mineral based and change it more often? If you do use Synthetic at what intervals (in distance) do you change? Thanks for your help