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  1. CALLAHAN521


    Just wanted to say thank you to all that post tech info on this forum. I just finished my rebuild on my 250. I used this site for info and to make sure I was doing it correctly... I'll post some pics tomorrow. Bike is completely disassemble. Thanks again for y'all post
  2. CALLAHAN521

    Jeff at APE

    To be honest I was going to call them till Jeff called me back and got the parts needed and sent out next day I'm glad he did !!
  3. CALLAHAN521

    Jeff at APE

    Ok another stupid question, does the head have to be bolted on and chain on cam to check shim thickness needed?
  4. CALLAHAN521

    Jeff at APE

    Thanks for the info... I'll start around there and do the math.. thanks guys!!!!
  5. CALLAHAN521

    Jeff at APE

    Just wanted to say thanks for the service!!!!!! Jeff went far beyond to make this customer very happy.... Received the new head today!!!! I do have a question. What would be a good starting point as far as shim size on this new head?
  6. CALLAHAN521


    Here is my problem. When cold bike takes forever to start. to the point feels like no compression. ( kick start is very eazy). Once it start it runs great. Other times bike will start fine. Side note. changed oil after having trouble the first time and crank case was full of fuel.... never happen to me with a carb bike>>>>
  7. CALLAHAN521

    2014 exhaust on 2006?

  8. CALLAHAN521

    2014 exhaust on 2006?

    Can you post some pics of your conversion?
  9. CALLAHAN521

    Lets see the RMZ's

    my 2006
  10. CALLAHAN521

    RM-Z 250 Manual

  11. CALLAHAN521

    06 RMZ250 Kick start problems

    I'm in the middle of rebuilding, now the kick starter will not rachet back up. With the cover off works fine but wont with the cover on. The cover will go on real eazy on the water pump side but is tight on the kick starter side. Any help would be nice. Thanks in advance.
  12. CALLAHAN521

    RMZ250 Gear changing issues

    Check the pin on the shift shaft, on right side of case. will have to pull clutch case off to get to it. Call me at 985-852-5505 if you have any more questions. Just went throught what you are going throught
  13. CALLAHAN521

    gm stereo problems

    Inspect the ground strap that run behind then engine to the firewall.
  14. CALLAHAN521

    Post pics of your CR's

    Some updated pics.