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  1. Great music too. John Garcia Born too slow
  2. Good luck with Aprilia
  3. soccer players roll on the ground and fake injury even if not injured:lol: riders roll on the ground and get up like nothing happened unless injured.
  4. JAJAJA George Nice to read good ol story. I wonder CR500 dont have kick start? I started to think I should do kick start mod next spring.
  5. Thank you all for chiming in. As a summary, I need to try 1. TDC, 2. starter assist, 3. fat chick traction. I will try these when snow is gone!! Can't wait:banana:
  6. Oh No No I move to NYC now.
  7. I live in 9th floor. I would need more than 100 ft of extension cable. or I have steal electricity from nearby chinese restaurant. but rats like to bite any of wires.
  8. Thanks eddie. I really realize how HIGH the compression of this big motor is.
  9. I keep my bike in the space between two apartment. Maybe I will get another battery and hook to the tender as a back up.
  10. Trying to be riding like Nicky Hayden on RCV211!!!!
  11. I am working on it:smirk: Thats a good idea. I will try. Thank you all for tips:worthy: I have a tender but sometimes you just cant wait for hours!!
  12. I weigh only 130lb so I know I am lacking some traction. But I am jumping on the bike as hard as possible. Thanks
  13. After not riding for a few weeks, the battery got low and didnt start. so I tried to push start 470 but I couldnt. I tried 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear but rear wheel lock up when I let clutch out. I want to seek experience of other 470 or BB owner here. My skill may not be good enough? If you know better way or tips to do better push start, Please let me know!!! Thank you:worthy:
  14. SM is a dirtbike mutant anyway a gain-of-fun mutant:banana: , though.