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    Webcast problems?

    Thank you!!!!!
  2. mountain suzuki

    What do you think?

    My brother has the oppurtunity to buy a brand new 2006 YZ 250 from a local dealer for $4900 dollars even (no tax up here ha ha!). However he was wanting to get an 06' RMZ 450. He currently owns a 2005 KX 250 and doesn't like it. He says the engine isn't the big issue, he just something that will handle better. Even the most die hard yamaha guys should be able to admit that nothing can out-corner a suzuki, but the 1,000 dollar price difference is kind of a good thing. What do you think? He doesn't get that good of starts to begin with so the four strokes are killing him there..... and just about everywhere else on the track for that matter. What do you guys think he should do? Go for the awesome handling and better power of the 06 RM-Z, or the more affordable 06 YZ 250??? Please state reasons too (good ones too, i don't wan't any of that "tell him to get the ____ because ______ bikes are way better" bullcrap)
  3. mountain suzuki

    Webcast problems?

    How is everybodys working now?? All I am getting on the webcast is Lites LCQ qaulifiers. This is stupid. Plus those two announcers are obnoxious. Had to shut it off.
  4. Roy is on a 4 stroke this year?? Dam, too bad. I loved watching him kick ass on the 2-stroke last year. Canadian nationals are fun to watch. Wish I could watch more of em'.
  5. mountain suzuki

    DRZ,TTR,or KLX?!?!?

  6. mountain suzuki

    TTR230 vs. CRF 230F

    Okay here is bits and peices from Dirt Rider Magazines "Play Bike Showdown" --------------- TT-R 230 Whats Hot!: -Carries its wieght well -Superb Agility -Warms up Promptly Whats Not!: - Clutch faded quickly -Transmission jumped out of gear -Suspension bottoms easily -Drum rear brake ------------------- CRF230F Whats Hot!: -Seat that elicites imagery of a couch -Decent suspension for most trail work -Easy to stand or sit for taller riders Whats Not!: - Takes forever to warm up - Shock action stiff for light riders - Heavy feel -Drum rear brake ------------------------ "Exploring these envelopes led us to discover the two really are different. The ever so slightly beefier suspension of the CRF feels stiffer than the TT-R's, which translates into less bottoming for the big guys but a jackhammer ride for those to light to get the boingers to travel up and down. And although its lighter the Honda doesn't carry its weight as well as the Yamaha. Not an issue when your 6 foot tall; but head tworad the shorter five foot region, and this becomes a liability. In fact, most of our testers thought the red bike was 20 pounds heavier! Obviously the blue engineers did more than administer a dose of Botox; the little blue thumper was also agile, easy on the controls and thin feeling. The engine department was the second area in which these two established individuality. Sure, both displace 223cc, but each gets there on different paths. You can check their specs if you need to see numbers, but the sum is the Honda is slower-revving and the Yamaha zips through the rpm band. During our first impression ride with the TT-R, we noted the engine warmed up quickly regardless of the temperature and felt pretty healthy. Riding it back-to-back with the CRF revealed the cold-blooded personality of the Honda-it took forever to warm up- but also showed the red bike was no 240 pound weakling. The bigger riders felt the Yamaha's power was fluffy, especially in the mid-range where the Honda simply out-ran it. Lighter riders rated just the opposite, preferring the revvy TT-R and claiming it was easier to get the front end up and accelerate. When it came to 6 speed transmissions we did not like the Yamaha's. Sure, the clutch has the lighter action, but the bike popped out of gear too easily and often at inappropriate moments. It usually did this when being clutched in tight terrain or while climbing hills. And all of us got the clutch to fade on the demanding trails we put them through. This might be a hidden compliment to the Yamaha's new body, which allows riders to push the engine harder than ever possible in its old TT-R 225 guise. The Honda never so much as whimpered. Our biggest disappointment was the anachrosnistic drum brakes on the bikes. The togglelike action was not welcome on some of the steep downhills we explored; stopping took some time. On the bright side, they did work adequately, and for most beginners, neither of this problems will be an issue. Trying to declare a winner between the nearly identical $3499 CRF230F and the $3299 TT-R 230 meant we had to split a few hairs. For lighter and smaller riders, the nimble Yamaha is an ideal match. It also caters to stand-up-and-charge pilots. If you weigh more than 160 pounds and are taller than 6 feet, than life will be better on the Honda. Its plush seat is certrainly more tush-friendly, and as an overall package the red bike probably gets the nod for being more novice-oriented. Regardless of which one you choose, if your taller than 5 feet 5 inches and want a bike to learn on, ride with young tyro's or are attemping to get the wife/girlfriend to join you on the trail, these soft spoken four strokes are the ticket! _______________________________________________- Opinions (I am going to type out the two most likely customers of this bike*) When I rode the TT-R230, I was sure it would out perform the CRF230F handsdown. So I was pretty amazed to find myself liking the red bike better-the Honda's engine felt more muscular (it is a relative thing here) and the transmission more robust. The couch, I mean the seat, was nice, but I did not have a problem with the Yamaha's. It was the cramped standing ergos that sunk the nimble bitty blue bike. When I put the TT-R in tight stuff, it was fun...until the clutch went south and turned into a light switch. And the TT-R usually chose the start of a hill to jump out of gear. The blue bikes suspension was way too soft and blew through the stroke like a hot knife through butter in the stuff that the Honda handled without much drama. I did like how fast the Yamaha warmed up and its light feel. With a better transmission, a taller bar and more torque, it would be ideal. Bryan Nylander 6'/200lbs/Representing the Average Trail Rider ------------------------------------ After taking the 230's on our 24 hour test loopm I was really impressed with the TT-R. I was surprised at how aggressive I could be on it. It had more mid-to high range, which made it easier to clutch and flick around. The CRF230F had smoother, stronger power, especially on the bottom end, but not quite as much snap. Its chassis and supension felt more plush, coupled with its wider, more-comfortable-seat, the Honda is probably the better choice for a gentler, sit down rider. My only complaine (beside the rear drum brakes on both bikes) was with the TT-R occasionally popping out of first gear at low speeds. Overall, I had more fun on the TT-R but would recommend the CRF and a more confortable entry-level bike. Jean Turner 5'8"/135lb/Womens B rider ---------------------------------- Summed up in a sentence (or two) TT-R230: Essentially a big TT-R125EL, the TT-R230 is as feisty and agile as its smaller sibling. CRF230F:Stability and all-day comfort are the strengths of the CRF230F. ____________________________________ And there you have it!!!! Enjoy. (if you want the other comparison let me know, the other one is on a MX track while this one above in on trails.)
  7. mountain suzuki

    ???rmz450 Or Rm250??

    I disagree. You ARE right on the fact that none of us can ride these bikes to their full potential HOWEVER the 450 is a lot easier to ride. I prefer 125's over 250f's for a few different reasons, but prefer the 450 over the 250 smoker. Starts are a huge factor in racing and the 450's flat out get better starts, and on tracks with hills, another huge advantage. And the RM-Z 450 is said to corner even better than the RM 250. I take none of the stuff in the magazines to heart, so don't feed me that. And befor you start calling me a hypocrit, I know I don't get as good of starts on my 125 against the 250f's BUT, I just don't feel that the 250f's of last year had any advantage over the 125 other than that. My brother after riding my RM-Z 450 is getting rid of his 05 KX 250 and buying a RM-Z 450 (and he rides motocross) Just what I think.
  8. mountain suzuki

    got bike finally

    Nice bike, I want to get a 2007 when the arrive.
  9. mountain suzuki

    TTR230 vs. CRF 230F

    I have two different magazines (Dirt Rider and MXA I think) where they tested them against eachother. If you want me to post some of the stuff up from the article let me know.
  10. mountain suzuki

    ???rmz450 Or Rm250??

    RM-Z 450 for racing. If you are just gonna ride around get the RM 250. On a track the 450 will stomp the 250 two stroke.
  11. mountain suzuki

    Action photo's for y'all....

    The mud made the pro's look worse than the beginners. It was like the back of the pack in the womens b, or like a first time rider. That was some nasty stuff.
  12. mountain suzuki

    What kinda grips should i use?

    it was a joke old timer.
  13. mountain suzuki

    Did they make the wrong choice?

    Don't worry, I won't say a word about it, I am not the braggin kind you know . I am gonna send him some decals from my sponsors and stuff to decorate it up with so he should like that. I heard that two nights ago (first night he had it) he was revving it up a bunch, then popped it in gear and flipped it over backward I hope he has fun, like to see the family riding you know. And now that he got the bike, my uncle is gonna buy a DR-Z 400 or a KLX 300, and he is buying my younger brothers old 04 CRF50. I just wish he would have gotten a DR-Z/KLX 125 instead, something that will teach him a little better (via the clutch) Thanks for the opinions
  14. mountain suzuki

    Did they make the wrong choice?

    Of course it doesn't matter much now, but I was just wondering if my uncle made the wrong decision of buying my 13 year old cousin a KLX 110. I mean when I was 13, I was riding an RM 125. However this is his first bike. He is probably around 5' 6" but doesn't weight very much, probably around a dollar and 10 cents or so. And I can just see the KLX 110 being a tad too small. I think its really cool that he got a bike though, I am gonna send him a bunch of stickers from my sponsors to decorate it with. Well tell me what ye think. Thanks!
  15. mountain suzuki

    Official DR-Z 250 pic thread

    Nice pics, we need to get some more up though. Unfortunately I do not own one. They sure would be handy to play around on though, as I do NOT just free ride my race machines. keep em' coming