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  1. They are $400.
  2. How much is a heli ride?
  3. Don't think it can't happen to you...
  4. Crunched radiators from crashes. Side Impacts. I am not sure why I bought them now. Spent $80 on them plus spent $400 on new radiators. I think I am going to get the Moose radiator guards. They look like they would be a thousand times more effective.
  6. Can someone tell me what Works Connection radiator braces are good for except emptying your wallet? I have them on my bike and since then, I have had two separate radiator damages. Are there any others on the market that are better?
  8. What rpm profile did you get low/mid or mid/high?
  9. Leatt, the maker of neck braces, is sponsoring a ride day at ET Motopart from 10-2pm in Gilbert.–--coming-to-a-motocross-park-near-you.aspx
  10. I wish I could get 20% off.
  11. Should I buy Asterisk or EVS WEB knee braces? The EVS has a crumple zone that is supposed to prevent femur breaks. Edit: Whoops, I put this in the wrong forum..
  12. Does anyone know where the AP Mod document is posted?
  13. I think I will just do the AP mod.
  14. I was talking to someone at the track a couple of weeks ago and that guy said that they definately help a couple of RM250F's that he had. Whats your experience with the CRF450 and the Quick Shots.
  15. Get the Oregon Scientific helmet cam!