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  1. OldSkoolXR200

    noobie here! with an antique honda!

    An 83' old, nah I had a 1974 z50 minitrail I just sold a few months ago and I didnt think it was old. Hell it ran better then most new mini bikes.
  2. OldSkoolXR200

    Im back...the mother load ofXR's

    I have an 87' xr 200, I need a bottom end/trans for it if you have one I would be interested in buying it. I sent you a PM.
  3. OldSkoolXR200

    Where to buy xr200 parts?

    I have been having a hard time trying to find anything online in the way of 1987 xr 200 parts. I badly need a bottom end/trans for it and need to find one for cheap so I can get everything together in time for spring. Please help me
  4. OldSkoolXR200

    Xr 200

    Dont forget about the XR200 fat cat