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    Snowboarding, riding dirtbikes, make boarding. . . just about anything outdoors
  1. 05RideRed450R

    Graphics for White Plastics

    What do you think about these graphics? Alpinestars/ one industries http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e9/burtonlifestyle/raceday011.jpg
  2. 05RideRed450R

    For Posting Pictures On This Forum.. DO THIS!!

    thanks, works perfect now
  3. 05RideRed450R

    Lets see Em again. . .

    I missed out on the last thread (lets see them 450's). . . so lets try it again. here's mine!
  4. 05RideRed450R


    how the hell can i upload a pic on a new thread?
  5. 05RideRed450R


    how the hell can i upload a pic on a new thread?
  6. 05RideRed450R

    Rims, Hubs, Spokes. . .without spending a mill?

    Ya Tmrider. . . thats what i am looking for. . can you tell me where ya got em and roughly how much it would be a for a complete front and rear?
  7. Hey i'm looking in to buying some new rims for a CRF450R. ya a few of you may have noticed a previous post similar to this one. Thats because i can't seem to find any answers or find anyone that can help. I need a decent set up of rims, hubs, and spokes (package deals or not) BUT BLACK is the issue. . i need black hubs and blacks rims. . as far as i know i must try and powder coat my spokes seems they don't come in black. basically i need BLACK rims, and hubs. . without spending TOO much. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  8. 05RideRed450R


    I'm living up in logan, about 70 miles north of Salt lake. just moved here bout a year ago!
  9. 05RideRed450R


    I thought about just powder coating the spokes but i'm worried about the paint sticking. . .???
  10. 05RideRed450R


    I recently bent a rim on my dirt bike and am looking for replacement rims, hubs and spokes. I want Black excel rims with black talon hubs, with MATCHING spokes. noone seems to make black spokes. can someone tell me where i may get some or atleast point me in the right direction?