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  1. Thanks to everyone. Mighty hot for riding, so he might as well get his home work done. hosertp
  2. I bought my friend the following for his 40th birthday present to uncork his '06 WR 450: AIS Removal Kit Twin Air Power Flow Kit Silent Insert JD Jetting Kit Since the search engine on this site is disabled, perhaps someone could send me a link for the air box mod so I can forward that to him. And I would welcome any other mods that he should consider with this set-up. I'm a CRFX owner, and followed the advice on that forum of the ThumperTalk vets. So my bike is handled, but I don't know the tricks on his bike. Thanks, hosertp
  3. Rotten, one thing we do have going for us is that I haven't heard of one tranny failure while running 1 quart. I think there's nothing to worry about any more. But I still do too!
  4. I will, thanks again KJ, hosertp
  5. Krannie, c'mon now, first ride after the rebuilt trans. Not the first ride on the bike. It was broken in per Honda spec. AFTER the rebuild, I took it from the dealer and drained the oil (amazingly 1 quart of Honda red), and then I put in a quart of my own. Then took it for a long fire road ride in the exact location where it failed. No problems since. Reliability, yes, with one quart!
  6. Yes, mine was purchased in March of '05, tranny failed with 20 hrs on it in December. Run 1 quart and ride, ride, ride
  7. Thanks KJ. I appreciated the photo links. hosertp
  8. Yeah I bought the whole thing. Just wanted to make sure that I was supposed to remove the existing ring before proceeding. The link was exactly what I needed. Thanks Doug
  9. Got the package without any directions. I'll probably get the full sheet tomorrow from Twin Air, but wanted to see if anyone had some gems I should know to get the best result. Your insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Mine is also one of the transmission problem childs. The first ride out of the shop was a 200 mile flat fire road trip in Death Valley, CA. If it was going to fail with 1 quart, it would have on that ride, and it would have been sold the next week. Valves were checked after that ride, with minor adjustments. I'm following the TT mods to the airbox, JD kit, block off, pink wire, Twin Air and exhaust (MDR). Most bought through the TT web store. I want the bike to run much cooler than stock and hopefully add to longevity. The power is already more than I can handle. I'm open to suggestions, but really want to only go through this set-up process once. I've been reading, TT vets, and am hoping I've got it right. Special thanks to Shady ("sucks to be you"), Krannie, Rotten and the TT gods (RHC), who help us make the most of our beast. hosertp
  11. Sorry to hear that. The Yamaha option is viable. Yamaha came out with a new R-6 this year that was suppose to rep to 17,500 rpm. It was run on a dyno and proven that the number was optimistic. More like 16,000. Yamaha put word out through Road Racing World that if you were unhappy with your bike because it didn't spin what they said it would, they would buy it back, PERIOD. That's how you take care of problems HONDA!!! I would want to spend my money with that company. One of the reasons I didn't buy the WR was because of the aluminum frame on the CRFX since I hold on to bikes for a long time, so I didn't want to buy something that would look out dated in a year. Tell your friend to keep on this site. I plan on going to small claims, and if it works out, I want everybody on this site to hear about it. All for now, hosertp
  12. Hey Baja Bound! Was talking to you a year or so ago about a trip. Glad to hear that yours are still running. Perhaps it will prove to be a manufacturing problem only on a certain group of VIN #'s. Still can't get parts to pay to put it together. It's been in the dealership since 12/30/05. Run a quart!!!!! and keep your fingers crossed too. hosertp
  13. Sorry to hear it Jams. I'll let you know if I come up with any "cure". You do the same, OK?
  14. Writing a demand letter right now. Small claims. I'll try and let everyone know what happens. A big time personal apology to the TT vets. I know that normally this site is about helping off-roaders solve problems. This issue probably has brought in a new crowd. Still pissed. hosertp
  15. Truth is that I would buy another one if I was convinced that it would go any longer than the 20 hours mine lasted. Everytime I hear one of those stupid commercials with the little Starbuck, preppy brats saying, "I wanna ride!" . . . makes me wanna puke. hosertp