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  1. STEVES937

    Spark Plug removal Tip

    Use a short 3/8 inch nylon hose to remove and install spark plugs. On my O6 WR you can't grab the plug to remove it, This was handy for strarting the plug also. Just slide it down over top the plug. I didn't invent this but I heard of this in a automotive forum, It works well! Any one have any tricks for servcing they would want to share?
  2. STEVES937

    quiet exhaust

    I run the stock exhaust system i just bought the GYTR insert. I have great power and it's 96 decibels. Plus it's cheap! Which is even better! ___________________________________________________________ Hey Clutch, did you look at the Pro Moto Billet insert. It looks like the GYTR. Is there any difference in performance? I think the PMB is 10 bucks more. thanks
  3. Which is better Pro Moto Billet or GYTR insert? I want it quiet, but...... Would like below 94db don't want to spend big on Q2. Thanks
  4. The KTM hit too hard for me, gearing was to close and with age and pains it had to go. My W looks too clean to get muddy! The bike is like new and is all stock. I love how it feels balanced. The short ride in the rain to the barn I see it has absolutly no power at all. So I will take my time and do one mod at a time and start by removing the restricter in the tail pipe and snorkel. Lots of Questions Follow: I picked up a shop manual its cover said it was for a 06 WR250FW? is the FW a wet sump? Mine has a dip stick in the frame and the book I got didn't show that. How much oil for my bike and is the oil then pumped up into the frame? Or do i fill it through that small dip stick hole? Which is best? Next Is the JD kit a must have item? IS the JD KIT part no. specific the WR250? Also at this Time I don't want a bike that will flip me off in third gear like the MXC did when I broke my back. (I thought I was better.....) I just want a good trail bike that has some grunt when asked for. I would hate to have a too lean bike and burn valves any suggestions for carb settings in Ohio (900ft) wide temp changes ? Is there a step by step instructions with pictures for the throttle stop screw? I guess the pulley cover comes off. I havent took the tank off yet Please Don't think all these questions have to be answered at once. I will read on further Thanks
  5. Its not always about how much the bike weighs but how it is balanced, the ktm will feel lighter.
  6. STEVES937

    where is the thread

    Sorry I didn't know I could describe the bike and say i was thinking about selling it. I was mostly looking for advise, not a buyer.
  7. STEVES937

    where is the thread

    Sorry I didn't know I could describe the bike and say i was thinking about selling it. on the forum.
  8. STEVES937

    KTM initals stands for?

    My 300 MXC must have 100 hp!
  9. STEVES937

    busted drain plug bolt

    If I got this right the drill snaged the bolt and turn it in further? try a left hand drill bit with reversing drill, If your threads are bad maybe a helicoil could be installed? metal shaving could be a real issue you can coat the drill with grease and go slow, the grease holds the shavings, reapply as needed.
  10. STEVES937

    KTM initals stands for?

    Dumb questions, the Letters KTM stands for who or what? I read that a 200 has just under 40 HP in a older post, How much is the 250 or 300 MXC or EXC compared to a Japanense 450 fourstroke?
  11. STEVES937

    prebuy inspection items to look at? 300

    I took my new MXC 300 (2003)to the Beginner MX track (5 and 6 foot tabletops), Redneck's right about it hitting hard, With the suspension not tuned in, it was bucking me and I didn't have the guts to climb on it at the jumps. I spent most of the time riding the old KLX 300, I've ordered new springs 46 front and 9.8 rear for my 260lbs dry weight and will try it again, meanwhile I'm getting used to it on the farm trails, The first 1/8 throttle seems rich, I've tried playing with the air screw, but not much change, I don't know if i should try a different needle setting or needle because it is so damm hot and humid right now? I like the bike but I wounder if it not too much for someone out of shape and pushing 40? It really goes!, I notice it makes a rattling engine sound, my friend said that its normal for a two stroke, I guess his Polaris 4 wheeler sound similar, but I can't help but wounder if i shouldn't take a look at the top end, replace piston just for maintenance reasons, also I read people are having carbon issue with the power valve, anyone ever adjust this?
  12. I'm replacing the piston, pin, bearing and rings on my boy's rocket. Is it standard practice to hone a plated cylinder? Where should the ring ends be placed? (could the ends cause damage if at a port?) Last, what is used to lubricate the rod pin needle bearing? Thanks, Steve
  13. I ordered new springs from Cannon Racing for my 03 300 MXC and am looking for some tips on how to. I've done this to my KLX 300, thinking it will be about the same proceedure? I did a search and seen there is a PDF file availible. Anyone know where it can be downloaded from? Thank you, Steve
  14. Picked up a 03 KTM 300 MXC it has a aluminum wrap-around type hand guards. I was wondering if i would brake my wists in them if i happened to go over the bars, anyone heard of this happening? Thanks, Steve