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  1. martinfan30

    Good riddance to FCR carburetor

    This thread will not die!🤣
  2. martinfan30

    Stable Mates

    The more I think, the street tard 500 idea sounds like the funnest ride ever.
  3. If you can start it, you can ride it. It’s pure joy watching people kill themselves trying to kick a KX500.
  4. martinfan30

    2001 Rm125 spark plug tips break off

    What is the premix ratio being used?
  5. martinfan30

    Stable Mates

    It’s pretty easy to plate a kx5 here. So with 2100 bucks, an L or a street tard 500... Would just be for around town and occasional mountain rides.
  6. martinfan30

    Harescramble Upgrades for 1985 XR600R

    This is going off topic. Back on the tracks now please.
  7. martinfan30

    Stable Mates

    I’m considering buying my dads 2000L pig. This will be the first of 2 mods I do. It’s that or pay the same amount of money on this for my KX500. Kinda torn.. http://www.fasterusa.com/ecommerce/supermoto-wheels/kawasaki-wheelsets/kx500/kawaski-street-legalizer-rad-excel-kx-kxf-klx.html
  8. martinfan30

    xr600r fork swap

    I am assuming this would work on an L?
  9. martinfan30

    Stable Mates

    What stem/triples were used?
  10. martinfan30

    1998kx250 trade for a 2001 yz426f ??

    Stay away. Keep the KX.
  11. martinfan30

    450 thumper vs 300 smoker

    Kx500. Is all you’ll ever need.
  12. martinfan30


    Fuel on, choke on. Lean bike over till it pisses fuel from the overflow tube. Kick it over gently a few times to prime the engine. Find TDC with the kicker. Lay into it from the absolute top of the kicker stroke.
  13. martinfan30

    Seal the Airbox?

    All I've ever used is TwinAir. Never a problem.
  14. martinfan30

    2003 KX 250 Pure Race Bike to Mountain Trails

    Warm it up and recheck. Cold compression is a good indicator but it really should be warm, as that's normally how you ride it. When doing a compression check, be sure you hold the throttle at WOT.
  15. martinfan30

    How much horsepower will this add ?

    No. Normal air is less dense so it must be mixed at 1:1.