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  1. tire_fryer

    Yamaha Yfz 450 hot cams valve lash

    Has anyone installed hot cams in an 06`yfz and if so,what did you end up setting your intake and exhaust valve lash at.
  2. tire_fryer

    `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

    like I said..my 04 flat out rips...but the 06 is lackluster plain and simple.When you invest $8000 (with mods) in a quad that yamaha claims has "even more power",then you expect the engine to perform better than the previous year,or at least the same.your gunslinger mentality lacks the one thing this forum was started for...technical input.....
  3. tire_fryer

    new yfz450 wont idle

  4. tire_fryer

    `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

    Correct...,shorter stroke-larger displacement-lower compression...same results
  5. tire_fryer

    `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

    well,I am going to sign off of this forum now and before I do I just want to thank y`all for your imput.Ill leave you all with these facts. .I own both a 2004 and a 2006 yfz450 so the information I give you all comes from first hand experience on both quads,not from riding my "friends" quad or my grannys quad etc..I have been working on dirtbikes and quads for years constantly trying to improve performance on everything I have ever owned.I have read posts in this forum like"it all comes down to rider experience","or I raced my friend"or I raced my mom etc....but you cannot dispute facts.I am telling you outright that the 06 is lackluster in performance and heres why. When they increased the engine displacement it automatically lowered the compression ratio(read the specs).Lowering the compression ratio means slower throttle response -no matter where you are in the powerband.When you lower the compression and fail to make improvements in other vital areas such as intake & exhaust flow,cam lift and duration,and valve size, all you have done in effect is simply bore the engine,and lower its compression.You have gained nothing.I talked to Web Cams and they said the cam specs are the same.Also we know the carburetor bore size is the same.The stroke is the same.I dont know of any changes in the valve sizes and I have my 06 head off ,getting it ported.These are the facts.They have nothing to do with my opinion,your opinion,the way you ride,or your mammas shoe size.It is what is is,an awesome quad with a little less power.
  6. tire_fryer

    Sell an 05 YFZ450 for a 06 YFZ450???

    jectron...I have an `04 which is identical to an `05.I also purchased an`06 a few weeks ago and I can tell you that some of the changes arent suttle,they are excellent.For example...the suspension now has more travel and is much more plush.The seat is more plush.the chain adjuster is now a cam style which means all you have to do now is loosen the two main axel housing bolts and simply roll the quad forward of backward to tighten or loosen the chain.Also,the axel will align itself...sooooo easy.The down side is that the 06` isnt quite as snappy as the `05 and the 06 does not wind out like the 05.
  7. tire_fryer

    piped yfz, need help jetting..

    ....175 is pretty high...168-172 is about all you need piped and air box lid removed.Ct racing sonic pipes are shipped with a 168.Toomey-ct racing-alba action..all of them suggest not jetting past 172.The other thing I noticed right off the bat with my `06 yfz is that it popped and backfired sometimes.Thats because it was sucking air thru the rubber intake boot.the clamps that hold the carb to the intake have bushings in them to prevent you from over-tightening them.The problem is that the bushings dont allow you to tighten the clamps enough to properly seal the boot.I took my clamps off and discarded the bushings,then re-installed the clamps...problem solved.
  8. tire_fryer

    Need some help/info

    Go to yamahaatv.com and you can view both quads specs side by side.The suspension on the `06 is superior ,far superior.the 06` is a superior in every way except in the power delivery.The compression is lower on the `06 and it doesnt have that beloved"hard hit"that the `05 has.Also,the `06` does not have the top end power like the `05.
  9. tire_fryer

    `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

    .....Yes.And I checked with Web cams and they said the cam profiles are the same
  10. tire_fryer

    `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

  11. tire_fryer

    `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

    Renner...There is no doubt that your mother dropped you on your head quite often when you were a baby...Remember Renner....Peanut..Butter
  12. tire_fryer

    `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

    Renner...In your first reply you said it was all in my head.So I quoted a couple of hard core facts to better help you understand.And now you say I am" crying "?I didnt start this forum to be slammed by people who cannot grasp basic engine dynamics.I simply shared my own observations based on facts.If you cannot intellegently discuss this topic without slamming folks then please move on to something you you understand better..like maybe.....peanut butter.
  13. tire_fryer

    `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

    All in my head eh Renner..hmmm.Well,I figured this topic would rattle a few yfz fans.But remember...I am a fan as well,I own 2 yfzs.Lets look at the facts..)Raising displacement by 10 cc`s does not equal more power.For example,if you bore an engine .020 you have increased the displacement,but you have lowered the compression-and throttle response in the process.That is exactly what yamaha did.But alas..I knew this before I bought the "06.I figured they put a higher performance cam in or atleast tricked out the porting to make up for the compression loss.But what they did was make the engine more reliable(stronger crank-and so called"new head design").It aint in my head dude..it is a fact that that hard hitting response has been traded in for a smoother -more reliable design.It aint in my head that my piped and jetted `04 with stock tires beat my piped and jetted `06 even after switching riders.The 06` simply falls of sooner.So...I am investing in a "hot cams" upgrade,and a port job.That`ll gitter done.
  14. tire_fryer

    Yamaha `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

    I own a 2004 yfz with GYTR pipe and jet.Everytime I ride the machine I smile ..real wide.The hard hitting brute power in any gear just makes me happy.So when I heard that the 2006 yfz Had a better suspension and a more powerful engine,then I took a good hard look...449cc-better stronger crank-reconfigured head,Sure the compression is down just a tad but they said"bigger more powerful engine" ..I actually began to foam at the mouth.I antied up the cash and bought one of those puppies.I rode it 2 hours then threw a ct sonic exhaust on it,jetted that puppy up,and installed a pro-flow filter system and removed the the airbox lid.They werent lying about the suspension...nice.But the power?I have just one question"wheres the beef?"My 2004 hits harder and goes faster period.Al at CT racing said that the 06 simply does not have the top end that the 04-05 has.And I say that it doesnt have the bottom end either.Yamaha...are you listening?
  15. tire_fryer

    2006 Yfz 450 ???

    there is no other manufacturer that offers all the things you get in the yfz450.piped and jetted they simply have neck snapping power.the yfz responds extremely well to bolt on horse power(pipe-jet-and air-cleaner mods).This year yamaha did a whole bunch of upgrades (new crank,new head design,plusher seat,plusher suspension etc...) No other manufacturer comes close to offering such a complete package for $6000.I have a 2004,and recently purchased a 2006,I am a happy man