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  1. I am running the stock battery and using a battery tender. Starts much better then it did without the battery tender monitoring it 24/7.
  2. xeon

    December 5th or 6th 2009 Las Vegas

    Thanks for posting that. I posted over there and will try and hook up with them. From what I read, its Dec 6th 10AM at the Jean dry lake bed.
  3. xeon

    December 5th or 6th 2009 Las Vegas

    Anybody want to ride this weekend?
  4. Just got a new to me KTM and have not been riding for awhile. Looking to get together and go riding! I got a 2008 KTM 505 XC-F. I would consider myself a intermediate rider but at a novice level as I have not been riding in over a year and I am new to the desert terrain. Not to mention a new big bore bike! Apex? Let me know if anyone is interested.
  5. xeon

    Duramax or PowerStroke

    I love my 06 Dodge 2500 CTD 6spd quad cab short bed. Hauls just about anything! I get about 19-20 MPG empty and 14 MPG pulling a 24ft enclosed trailer. Cant complain.
  6. xeon

    Does anybody ride a drz400sm in north N.J.

    I would if I had a supermoto . Working on it though. I am in Morris area.
  7. xeon

    Video - Oil Change

    Great video. Thanks. Perfect timing as I did my oil change today! Got to love those reusable filters.
  8. Just looked at the title. Its says the vehicle type is "Motorcycle" and no where does the title say offroad use only. It looks just like my trucks title. I have the original invoice from the dealship too, to prove tax payment. Looks like I can get this bike registered and plated in NJ? Oh and its a 2001 not a 2000 WR 426 (Woops)
  9. I bought it from a Yamaha/Honda/KTM dealer local to me. I dont know the exact nature of the title. I beleive its in our name. I bought the bike when I was 16 so my father has all that. If I do have a NJ title. I should be OK to legally ride it on the street if I am covered with lights, blinkers, and so on? (All DOT approved equipment of course).
  10. I have an 2000 Yamaha WR426 I am thinking about putting some cash into to make street legal. When I bought the bike, it said on the tag "NJ Title." No other used bike had that. I asked about it and the previous owner had it registered in NJ via some loophole. I want to get the bike plated so I can take it to work and around town. (No legal places to ride in North NJ...) Any suggestions? Or information? PS: I read through a few threads. I concluded that 05 and newer bikes in are not possible to get plated in New Jersey. Or its impossible to get plated now...