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  1. archie251

    Yamaha fork oil "01"

    That should be fine. If you don't notice any differences with the clickers you may have something wrong with your forks. The clickers often turn an internal rod that actuates another part that actually changes the dampening. If it is bent, broken, missing or assembled improperly you may not get any change even though the clickers are clicking.
  2. archie251

    Yamaha fork oil "01"

    5w. good oil but isn't it $20+ per bottle. There are lots of cheaper oils that are just as good. I use Silkolene Pro RSF.
  3. archie251

    Suspension Valving - Front Chatter

    I've got the same bike with MB-1 suspension. Not sure what the spring rates are as I bought the bike used. But, from what I have experienced with this and my 450 is that offset makes a huge difference as well. I'm currently running 21mm clamps and only get minimal chatter on a full lean decelleration. As soon as I even crack the throttle, no more chatter. I'm sure it could be perfect but at least its predictable. Archie
  4. archie251

    Need SIDI Supermoto Soles

    I'm looking for anyone (dealer or indiv.) that is willing to part with some SIDI Force SRS Supermoto soles(one piece) either compound, size 10. Archie