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  1. I want the loudest pipe so my bike will be fastest. I know loud pipes wins races I see it on tv.
  2. LoudPipe

    boyseen accelerator pump cover

    My bike will still be louder and louder wins races periods...... I no this is true because all the bikes I see racing are loud,
  3. I remove all obstacles from the trail. I don't want anyone getting hurt. I broke my exhaust once on a rock and now everyone calls me "Loudpipe". The things I have to endure. The guys are always picking on me. They make me bend over on the trail and then launch up my backside. Once I picked my head up too soon and another rider came and nearly decapitated me. When I tell them I've had enough I want to go home they make me stay till I pee my pants. Then they make me pull my pants down and roost the shit out of my balls and laugh when I cry from every direct hit. They (my balls) are swollen to the size of watermellons right now as I type. Well not really, just one is, the other one had to be removed. I know they are just kidding and having fun and really like having me around. I'm just glad to be a part of it all.
  4. Tell him to get a real bike like a Husky TE 250. LOL
  5. LoudPipe

    boyseen accelerator pump cover

    I have a Quick Shot and boy does it make my bike loud! Yahoo... it really rips now! It provides more gas through the exhaust and lets u do whole shots.