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  1. X-GAMES

    "burping" the rad!!!

    Can someone tell me the correct method for 'burping' the coolant system, and also for testing the thermo-sensor. My high temp. light started coming on at the end of last summer and the fan wouldn't kick in (I've tested the fan and it works). Winters over an' need to go riding!!!!
  2. X-GAMES

    Rust in tank

    I've heard that if you take it to a radiator shop they can clean it out for you.
  3. X-GAMES

    Is a mod required?????

    Sorry, I also only paid $17 CAD at the Post Office which is the G.S.T. and a $5 processing fee
  4. X-GAMES

    Is a mod required?????

    They should adjust the shipping price. I just received Unabiker Rad Guards and the case savers and the original shipping price was $48.00 BUT, after they shipped they reduced it to $24. Where about in Alberta are you??
  5. X-GAMES

    TT Store skid plate

    White Brothers? Where would I find that???
  6. X-GAMES

    TT Store skid plate

    Does anyone know how good the TT store skid plate is? (they sell for $78.26) I was thinking of getting a tonns racing one ($85), but I'd like to support TT. If anyone has any pics, post 'em.
  7. X-GAMES


    Already ordered a set from the TT store... along with a unabiker radiator guard. Now I just need to convince the wife that I need a skid plate Hmmm......
  8. X-GAMES


    Just bought a new 05 DRZ400S and can't wait for it to be delivered in spring. I've been checkin' out this Forum for a couple of months and it definetly helped me in my choice of bike so a big thank you to everyone for your words of wisdom (whether you knew it or not). Lookin' forward to lots more reading on TT....