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  1. magus

    TE 610 Charging

    I don't know either but mine has always done that as well and I have seen plenty of posts saying the same. Feature:crazy: ???
  2. magus

    TE 610 Charging

    My '06 battery seems to be hanging in there pretty well. I have had it on a charger when sitting for long periods but other than that it's been dependable - crossing fingers now. Let us know how the jetting turns out - we've been pulling together a list of different set-ups and results here and on ADV.
  3. magus

    New Stabilizer in town for Huskies!

    Looks like the steering damper for the TE610 (with stock set-up) will be available next week. This from Kelly @ Motosportz to me today: "Stock bars, triple clamp and bar clamps? If so we will have a setup for you early next week. Thanks, Kelly"
  4. Shoot, anytime Huskys get good press, or just press coverage alone, it's a good thing. We can all fight within the family about which is the best Husky, but after watching Motorcyclist magazine drool all over KTM as "finally a true dual sport bike" and completely ignoring Husky, well, I'll take the Cycle World coverage and recognition all day.
  5. magus

    That US magazine thing again

    It's too bad about the cost. I have to admit that I really like the Brit bike magazines in general. I have always thought that BIKE was one of the best street bike mags and now that Motorcyclist has so impugned the good standing of Husqvarna as a true D/S bike , well, that makes BIKE the undisputed #1 street magazine.
  6. magus

    That US magazine thing again

    It does look good, but I get $108/year for a subscription rate to the US!?! That's pretty pricey stuff.
  7. magus

    That US magazine thing again

    I actually sent an email to Motorcyclist expressing my dissapointment as a subscriber over the omission of Husqvarna and suggested it was related to corresponding lack of Husqvarna advertising dollars. I got a very quick response from one of the editors (good) but with a pretty average exlanation - he likes Husky's, used to have one growing up... Here is an excerpt of the response: "But to argue your point, Husky only started producing "serious" street-legal dirtbikes last year, and even then they were only able to do so because as a low-volume manufacturer they're allowed to meet less-stringent emissions standards than the major OEMs--including KTM. All that said, MC has only started to toe the dirtbike waters, and if response continues to be as positive as it has to date, we'll be testing Huskys soon enough." We'll see. I really am amazed that they passed on any mention of Husky's - Motorcyclist is one of more more favorite US mags because of their broad coverage of all of biking...
  8. I need a couple of OEM parts and there aren't any dealers located near me. Where's the best place to order from... dealer? Recommendations? Thanks
  9. The TE610 is a pretty fair dual sport! Thus the reason for separating it from the rest of the Husky line as they have done with the DR650 and DRZ400.
  10. magus

    TE 610 Tank Bags/ Tail Bags

    It's hard to go wrong with one of the Wolfman bags http://www.wolfmanluggage.com. I use the Enduro Tank Bag on the TE610, it's small but very stable off road.
  11. magus

    Fast Idle after Jetting help (long)

    I don't think that anything else came out of it but suppose it could have while I was riding. I still would think the fuel screw would have some affect on the idle even if there was a leak somewhere else. She is tougher to start when hot now as well and I need to use the "hot choke" to get her to turn over.
  12. magus

    Fast Idle after Jetting help (long)

    Thanks for the feedback. Interesting that fast idle = too lean. I brought the idle down to something more reasonable with the idle screw but that seems to just be masking the problem. I'm afraid I will need to take it all apart again and see what I can find. At least she's running and seems to just fly at 3/4 + throttle.
  13. 2006 TE610 at sea level Installed JD Jetting Kit - followed JD instructions for jet sizes (180 main; pilot...); replaced leak jet; added thinner o-ring option as well - installed Stealth Racing Accelerator Pump cover - replaced stock fuel screw with Stealth Racing extended screw (washer and o-ring in place); screw 1 1/2 turns out - initially bike idled and ran fine, then on longer check-out ride bike turns rough, backfires and dies on idle - get bike home and find fuel screw has fallen out and is lying on engine case - re-install fuel screw with washer and o-ring and use a little loctite per instructions to keep in place; bike now idling anywhere from 1700 to 2000 rpm; fuel screw seems to have no effect - can not kill bike with it all the way seated; in general, bike runs fine, but feels "rich" - take out fuel screw with no washer and o-ring attached and fish-around with rigged small hook and get two o-rings and one washer to fall out - sure that the problem was caused by stuck o-ring, replace screw, washer and o-ring and still have same high idle and no fuel screw response Is this still most likely the fuel screw poorly seated/blocked or something else to check?
  14. magus

    New TE/SM 610 shop manual (English only)

    176 downloads and still going...