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  1. Rickk (((hugs))) Thanks so much for the for the donation to the kids Education Fund!
  2. Its been a long time since I have been on here and I want to thank you for all you kind words! Gary is truly missed! Just to help clarify some speculations that are out there. Gary died of multiple blunt force trauma. Punctured his aorta and died very quickly. He was completely healthy and did not have a heart attack. All you riders be careful be safe and have fun! Life is short.
  3. Upland pm me for more info
  4. Hey thanks!
  5. Im so sorry for your loss. No one can ever imagine the heartache you must be going through. You are in my prayers! Monica Zinda
  6. I need to sell a bike and I have no Idea what price to ask for it... 1996 xr600 al baker runs great street tags updated.
  7. Thanks so much...I have a website http://www.garyzinda.com. there is a section to donate to the educational fund for the kids. Thanks
  8. I'm Gary's wife Monica and I appriciate all the prayers from all of you here on Thumpertalk. We do have 3 kids together and we miss him so much! mz