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  1. That was definitely the best video ever. I will keep replying to keep this on top for the next year or until tt gives you an award.
  2. Well maybe not a ford after looking twice, but a infinity!
  3. It always boguled me, they appears to defy gravity as they can jump jigher and bunny hop over stuff higher then when you jump normal.
  4. So I started noticing while riding and deceleration the sound of gears whining of gear box noise consistent with speed I was rolling. I started trying listen and by going fast then pulling in clutch and no throttle applied, it makes this noise until I'm rollling at about 2-3 mph. The sound becomes more intermitent as my suspension goes up and down causing the sound to come an go a little bit. the sound comes up through the front of the radiator the most, course I had some mud in front probably causing it to be louder. The whine is equal with speed. So it whine slower and slower as I coast to a stop. Only makes sound when bike is moving. At first I thought plastic rubbing or something at first, but maybe my gears are almost shot. My 2004 CRF has been ridden alot, think its time to go through the transmission and look for worn gears. Would worn gear make this sound. Anyone confirm what worn gears might sound like or epxectancy of transmission in the CRF450. I use honda 650 transmission fluid and changed every 2 rides. Or maybe this is a worn primary drive bearing?
  5. If anyone has thought James Stewart is a hazard out on the race track then here is Fox's new solutions. http://www.motonews.com/mototalk2/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=667783&an=0&page=0&gonew=1#UNREAD
  6. Robothump

    crash video

    If you watch closely, the quad riders left arm is snapped from the impact of the dirtbikes handle bar region. When he falls, you can see the arm limp and bend in the break. Man that must hurt bad!!!
  7. Robothump

    Prosource mx (indoor) yesterday

    Wow I would hate to see wht it's like packed. Doesn't sound like you change gears once. Thatrs technical and LOUD!
  8. I found this on motonews. Talk about not waiting for the snow to melt. Look at that gap. It's huge.
  9. Robothump

    Mods to a 450R

    AGREED! Most over looked modification. Not only will the bike ride properly and increase your speed. But most importantly, you will be able to recover from and ride more safely at high speed. Wrong setups cause injuries at my track all the time. It takes the wrong setup and a simple breaking bump to see someone ejected over the bars. Do search on this site for "bones" or "x-rays". Then read the post, " I should have gotten the right spring rate for my weight before attempting the big double". Think you will get the point.
  10. Robothump

    Mods to a 450R

    Are you color blind red? Man thats alot red bling. Not my taste. Is that 7700 you spent after buying the bike?
  11. Robothump

    Crower Power G2 Cam review...

    Sure seems like an average review for spending extra money on that item. where is the conclusion or rating of the provide. If I read this, it would make me thing you thought it was alright and not much improvement, say 7 out of 10.
  12. Robothump

    Hard To Start Crf 450

    Just another hint, if your valves are in specification, the is one other thing to make sure is correct, the exhaust compressor clearance. If your valve clearances are all in check, The only other good advice I can give and you will see this in national/supercross bikes have too, always make sure bike is in neutral and always have clutch pulled in. By doing this, you are allowing the engine to do more the one full cycle increasing dramatically odds if the bike will fire. Remeber 4 strokes vs 2 strokes in the engine to get a blast of air,fire and gas.
  13. Robothump

    Official RC Goes To NASCAR series

    I guess you all missed the part of him having twins. You know James and Chad or Yammi and Zuki. I kind predicted this to eventually happen, think how long he has been putting ursala and having family off. I makes perfect sense for him to join a curcuit that will require less of him physically and my guess more time with the family.
  14. So I'm doing my head for the first time, got 150+ hours out of it. I was told by my shop in town that the intake side which is the side that went to zero clearance can be replaced and since using high compression piston and stage 1 hotcam, that need to go stainless. But he said exhaust side fine. And he said the exhaust side is already stainless. It's the intake side thats not. IS THIS TRUE ON 2004CRFR EXHAUST SIDE COMES STOCK WITH STAINLESS?