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    DRZ Questions.....

    Hey all, i got an 06 DRZ400sm about 10 weeks ago, ive clocked up around 4500km's on it so far. I just have a few questions.... I tried getting a new rear tyre, but the dunlop 208's in the 140/70 are no longer available. I had to settle for a Michelin and 150/60...doesnt corner as well and no where near as grippy..... I added a Staintune pipe (www.staintune.com.au) and the bike is running lean. Had to order a new pilot jet, and awaiting for it to get installed. When i decelerate it pops and stuff like that. The bike shop told me its not lean enough to be causing any damage, but i disagree....ever since i got the bike serviced and they put the exaust on it (was all done on the same day) the tappets are making a whole lot of noise....just wondering what i can do about this? Im sorry but i have absolutley no idea about engines.... Also, this 3x3 mod, do you cut off the snorkel, or is it just forward of the snorkel? its 430am, thats all i can think of for now... oh what is MCCT mod? and DJ mod? thanks guys AND girls!
  2. drz200sm_aussie

    bike's noisy...why?

    whats an MCCT???? (sorry noob here)