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  1. rwupson

    Need Help - Carb Issues

    So are you saying that the DRZ's come stock with a rev limiter? I wonder if I am just hitting that and need to shift sooner, maybe I am hitting the red line sooner. Is there a way to hook up an RPM gauge to see where I am hearing the issue? Thanks
  2. rwupson

    Need Help - Carb Issues

    ya Thanks,
  3. rwupson

    Need Help - Carb Issues

    04/05 DRZ 400E - I live in VA pretty much sea level to 3000 for my riding most of the time. FMF Muffler only, stock header, JD Jet kit, Blue Needle 4th Position, Main Jet 165, 2 turns out on fuel screw (FlexJet), took Snorkel off air box. With all that said , from Idle a quick snap of the wrist and the bike will choke and stall, also even with the 165 the bike still seems to not have everything in the high rpm range. Kinda acts like I am hitting a rev limitter. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!!
  4. rwupson

    Jetting is a maze and I'm lost

    I am going through the same mods that you are. I just put in a JD jet kit, blue needle position 4 and a 162 main jet. 2 turns out on file screw. Seems to idle fine, not sure about my mid and top yet as I need a tube for rear tire. I will be test riding this afternoon. I will let ya know.
  5. rwupson

    Check this out - DRZ400E

    So I added a new FMF Muffler, stock header, removed the snorkel from the airbox and ordered a flex jet air/fuel mixture screw and a JD Jet kit. Jet kit needed after putting on muffler, I had lost my high RPM range. When I went to change out the stock jet, took the large screw out from the bottom of my FCR39 and the jet fell right out - ahhh -- ya how the heck did that happen and how was it even running? Also stock jet said it was a 142 - that doesn't sound right??? Anyways, I put in a 162, JD Blue needle 4th notch. I havnt rode it yet, need a tube in rear tire, however still seems to have high rpm choke and may now also have a problem with a snap of the throttle from idle and choking. ??? Anyone ever seen this or can help with what I am describing? Thanks
  6. I have a 04/05 DRZ e 400. I put on a FMF muffler (slip on, stock header) and ordered a JD Jet kit and a FlexJet fuel screw. I was going to go with a 160 Main (recommendations here would be great) however I do not know what the needle settings should be. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thank you all very much in advance!
  7. rwupson

    04/05 drz400e -help-

    Can some one point me to the right R&D Flex jet for my model bike? I cannot find a store that list my model for thi part? Thanks, Rob
  8. rwupson

    04/05 drz400e -help-

    Wow ok Done! Thank -- do you recommend fuel/air screw?
  9. rwupson

    04/05 drz400e -help-

    Thanks to all - I will be checking all the jets and needle settings in a couple of weeks. I ordered a 5 jet kit (160,162,165,168,170) - and a Tokyomods Fuel Mixture Screw. Thinking starting with the 160 and see what happens. Stock needle may need to go, however I have excellent low and mid, just nasty high end. Rob
  10. rwupson

    04/05 DRZ 400E 10Amp fuse Blowing

    Thank you all for your comments -- I also read that the Aussie models have a 20 amp fuse which made me a little more comfortable with my decision. I will stick with the 20 for now and let ya all know if a problem arises, however if it didn't after 120 mile of hard riding i doubt I will see the problem again. Thanks,
  11. So I purchased a new FMF Exhaust and a new rear tire for my DRZ last week and installed it in preperation for my trip to Hatfield and McCoy trails in WV. Got a mile into the trail the first day and bike stalled and would not start (unless I pop started it). Found out that I blew the 10 Amp fuse above the battery. There was a spare so I put that in and off I went, shortly there after I blew that one. Checked all wires, no rips and no grounding. I put in a 20 amp fuse and the bike ran well the next day. Has anyone had this problem and what could it be? Am I hurting anything with the 20 amp (could be a dumb question )..
  12. rwupson

    04/05 drz400e -help-

    Thats what I thought. What size main jet would you recommend - 165? Thanks Rob
  13. rwupson

    04/05 drz400e -help-

    Does anyone have a way to get to the air/fuel screw on this model? I just put an FMF muffler on and have lost the top end rev. Great low performance but cuts out in high RPM's. FMF recommended I richen the mixture??? Do you all agree? Everything is stock expept fo the muffler. Thanks,
  14. rwupson

    Exhaust 05 DRZE

    Just got a sweet deal on a 05 DRZ-E, its got 95 miles on it and is in Mint shape. Now i am trying put some exhaust on it. My previous DRZ had yoshi's on it , great exhaust however kinda loud. As you all probably know the E model comes with the FCR carb, and right now I have the stock exhaust with the spark arrestor pulled. What exhaust would you recommend and will I need to rejet the carb? Rob
  15. rwupson

    just picked up a 04 kx250f HELP

    ok I will try thanks!!