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  1. Any one who has owned these bikes can attest to how hard they are to wheelie, major props to you guys riding them any long length. I could only wheelie mine in first and second for a short while.
  2. Sure do miss mine!
  3. I noticed a slight difference in throttle response with my home made, best part is it cost me next to nothing.
  4. California

    Thanks! I will check those places out.
  5. Nice! I used have a Drz400sm, fun bike!
  6. Thanks! That just seemed odd to me.
  7. There is a gap between the hub and the fork clamp, should this gap be here? I just got done reinstalling my forks, and noticed this gap, looks like it needs a spacer and I can't remember if had that gap originally. Is that normal?
  8. Great vid, always loved the chesty perspective. Good job on the editing too!
  9. I used to, I will get a new one up some time soon. At the time his harness didn't fit him tight enough, so the gopro was bouncing every where.
  10. Hilarious!
  11. Yeah I know and love FMF's products and I understand the price of their other products. I have the access and the means to make one, and I know most don't but for me the obvious choice was to try to make one since its not a very complex design. I would never attempt to make a pipe or anything complex like that, plus I know R&D makes a huge difference with something like that.
  12. DIY
  13. Took me about 10 mins to make a cardboard template, I will make it out of metal tonight.
  14. For $100! Even if it was titanium that crazy amount for two pieces sheet metal with some holes. I could easily make this if I had the dimensions. I might just make my own any ways, and I will use titanium and won't cost nearly as much. I would estimate it costs FMF between $5 and $7 make.
  15. Yeah I believe it, there are some vids of dogs chasing there owners on Mt Bikes going that fast that are even smaller. Check this one out: