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  1. I put my son's 50 in the shed for the last two months and go to start it up last night and the kick start won't move. It hasn't been dropped or nothing and was working great before we put it in there. Any suggestions before I take it into the shop?
  2. Westondad

    2006 250f shootout!

    Actually if you read the article related to the video they put Kawi #1, Honda #2, KTM #3 and Yam #4. Not much of a difference in these bikes though - all good
  3. Westondad

    KX450F Best Price

    Looks like we've got the best deal up in the winter wonderland. I just went to my dealer last night and they've got a great promo from Kawa. Converting to US with an exchange rate of 1.17, you can get one out the door for $5,849 ($6844 Cdn)