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  1. crystal

    Removing throttle grips on SM--any problems?

    Again, thanks everyone. As it turns out, DH soaked the whole thing in mineral spirits overnight & it softened up enough to cut off easily. Just another option in case it help anyone...
  2. Never got around to posting this for a month or so... So, the people at work heard I wanted to ride my motorcycle in. "Oh, cool, you have a Harley!" I told them no. I just have a good bike to ride, not to impress people. This is to a facility on a military base. All I have seen other people ride is Harleys or sportsbikes. The DRZ was finally running properly with Yosh & TT Mikuni carb (thanks to this forum!!!)(although the big potato in to be sure to get on base). Bottom line.. eveyrone was Unimpressed. A man I like who does not ride m/c's asked, "is your bike yellow so pollen won't show?" Another lady said (condensed verson), "you should trade your bike in for a sportbike, like a CBR600. My b/f has a Hayabusa & we have a lot of fun on that." I later asked her if she'd like to ride her own bike & she said, yes, she'd like to have a pink CBR600. This is really just funny to me. I have had a CBR600F2 when they first came out, as well as larger bikes. I rode the F2 from Virginia Beach, Va to the very first Honda Hoot in Asheville, NC. I believe the DRZ would be a better/easier bike to ride in the twisties. I am hoping the DRZ will be okay for a trip. Will find out first week of June. I am mainly posting for amusement. Where we live, if you don't own a Harley or, better yet, a custom chopper, you are nothing... Crystal
  3. crystal

    Removing throttle grips on SM--any problems?

    Guys/Gals, Thanks so much for your replies. Will get a new throttle tube; dremel is a good thought, but a lot of time. Just want to say... having to order, possibly wait for & ride the cage for a week, is better than.. having ThumperTalkers thinking us morons! Though, on occasion, I suppose we all can be. Happy trails! Crystal
  4. Surely someone has changed simple throttle grips on a DRZ400SM. Any problems with removal? After I commented that the stock throttle grips were hurting my hands in summer gloves a little due to the hard block/lines on them, DH went to local motorcycle store to buy new ones with "dotted" surface. He has changed many a grip before and started tonight, expecting me to try out on ride to work tomorrow. The left side stock grip came right off as usual. But, suddenly, I heard this cursing from the garage. The right/throttle side grip was TOTALLY glued to the throttle tube. There was no way it would slide off. He was resorting to hacking it off with a knife. I went out & saw it myself, so please don't say use compressed air or something. There was zero slack. It would probably take 20 hours to hack it all off. Not worth the risk of cutting self or throttle tube. I think we will be better off seeing if dealer has a new throttle tube to sell us. Anyone else have a similar experience? Or, do some builder at Suzuki go nuts on us? (first year SM). THANKS! Crystal
  5. eer um rushing here, I meant "the MAN to HER!!" of course!!!
  6. That is too quick. Eddie is the man! (other than my hubbie & the man to him)
  7. I am confused here. Quickly coud take off a couple allen bolts on the new Yosh Ti exhaust I bought from ThumperStore. It was way so louder, I was afraid to ride it onto base that way. Is there something else hidden in the muffler, other than the long "potato"? Thank you.
  8. crystal

    seeking help with idle on FCR

    Thanks, guys. The black idle adjustment knob has already been bottomed out; that iswhat I was trying to say. I am sure the idle is too high; I have a sense of what it was like on the stock bike. Plus you can just about let out the clutch without giving it any gas & not stall. Should we change back to the 45 pilot jet? Crystal
  9. Hello again, my husband has gotten my bike where it starts & runs fine & feels quite a bit quicker than stock. Yosh TRC pipe. TT store FCR carb kit with 48 pilot (as per someone one forum suggested), otherwise stock jetting. My 'problem' now is that the idle adjustment screw is set for a slow as it will go, but it sounds like it is running about 2K rpm at idle. When I take the potato out of the Yosh, it is SO loud. So I put the potato back in, it is a bit quieter & possibly that slowed down the idle a little bit, but I am not sure. (My concern is that I will get a ticket since the base police sit there with dB monitors to get people with loud radios.) I also wonder if idling this fast will harm the longevity of the engine. Plus it is rather annoying. Any ideas? THANKS!
  10. Anyone have problem with vacuum line? Could not understand why hard to start, took everything back off and started looking and when I went to replace the vacuum line it looked funny, a little flat, had splits 180 apart in same spot, not so much in the bend of line either but that line does sort of an S to get rom point A to point B, so cut bad piece off and reattched and all is well. Line came with carb as I recall. Of course any vacuum leak on intake side is gonna be a big problem. Soon as corrected started right up. Jetting not exacltly perfect, it tends to run on a bit when closing throttle and after a slight delay falls back to idle. really most noticeable when sitting in driveway, better when riding and on a load. What do you think, pilot circuit, slow jet? Additional vacuum leak? getting carb to mate up nice and tight to airbox seems problematic. Seems about an additional 1/8th or 1/4" less space would make for a tighter connection to airbox. Carb has enough spigot but airbox boot just a bit too far to get a good tight secure connection. And of course the airbox is bolted in nice and tight, no play at all, if you move it then the DZUS panel will not line up right. Crystals husband
  11. crystal

    newbie Q on Yosh TRC exhaust

    Recently rec'd & installed the Yosh TRC exhaust from Thumperstore. Beautiful. Search found thread with pictures of how to keep passenger pegs--super helpful; thanks, youse guys. Bike seems to pull strong on the bottom, then seems to slow down or strangle as the revs go--mid to top? (no tach). Exhaust does not seem loud at all. Is there an insert in this, aka spark arrestor? Did not open the end yet. Saw the other thread about projected mfr. of small & medium inserts. Can I assume there is a long insert in this? If so, would also be interested in other options besides full open. Thanks
  12. crystal

    The right Yoshimura for my DRZ400SM

    Excellent timing, as I had just decided to buy an exhaust & had the same question. Now, let me ask: Is the FCR carb as supplied by TT Store jetted to go with (this) exhaust? I have been running the FCR with stock exhaust and 3x3. Is it currently (probably) too rich. Will it be better mated when the exhaust goes on? Or do I need to change jetting? (sea level) Thanks!
  13. crystal

    Michigan to Florida ride report

    I really enjoyed reading about your trip and am glad you had a great time. Please do let us know more about how your set up your bike.
  14. crystal

    Starting technique with FCR carb? More woes.

    Guys, Sorry I've been absent so long. Couldn't retest that same day since already running that day, then work, etc... It is 40 high today. First, I just put on choke & cranked awhile. Nothing. I then put on prime & retried, nothing. I then tried method suggested first by Northumbrian (thank you) to twist throttle a couple times, & it fired right up. Let run for ~1 minute, put off choke. It ran strongly. So.. I will say it is probably a starting method issue, but..to be cautious, I will try a few more times before I ride to work. To answer the other issues posed, the bike first became hard to start after the new tank, but I think it was really from sitting too long. Hubbie cleaned carb out after advice from this forum, happened again, cleaned again & stabilizer put in. Obviously, the main problem is not in the bike, but my not riding enough. When the FCRs finally became available, hubbie put that on. Then, the new starting issue, which is hopefully just technique. To be honest, I am not sure I rode it enough with the new carb to test its potential. I was used to major twisting the stock set-up bike to beat out cars. What do you need to do to finetune the FCR? I did want to put on the Yosh pipe, but was hesitant about the noise. As to being so upset as to want to sell the bike... before reading these replies, I had already said to myself that I wish I wasn't so emotional & ready to give up on things. I absolutely loved the DRZ when it was running right (stock). But I've gotten used to reliable Jap bikes. I actually can do a FEW mechanical things--completely overhaul a bicycle, change a car tire, oil, sparkplugs, or more with a manual--but am no expert. I now work on a Navy base with ID card checks, so if I couldn't start at work, dear H couldn't even get on to rescue me. Although I figured, I could push the bike out the gate to meet him, but I'd rather not have that scenario. I realize it is stupid to sell something that is not running & would never sell something with questionable running to anyone without telling them. The main purpose of this post is to say thank you & to let you know I would never disappear without saying so! Thank you.
  15. crystal

    Starting technique with FCR carb? More woes.

    Hubbie said there is absolutely not kinked vacuum hose. Hubbie said he gets it started by just keep cranking a long time. I have ridden it when started & it runs fine. To be honest, it feels a little faster but not a phenomenal change from the stock carbs like others describe, so that makes me wonder too. Hubbie says he thinks it is something in the idle circuit. I am not a mechanic. I am depending on him & you guys advice. Is there anything we should test? Oh, and the starting always occurs with choke on. Thanks again.