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  1. (sry these are not pics messed up) I have the tc 450 04 model and i just rode a 450 honda and mine STOMPS all over that jap P.O.S and my bike has beaten all of 250s i haved raced they got nothing on me MUHAHAHA HUSQVARNA HONDAS SUCK
  2. today i whent riding while showing off on my 450 i was riding a wheele and i flip backwords broke my back fender,pushed in my tip in bent it. and also got a flat all in one day
  3. i was wondering were i can find black plastics or grphics for TC 450 04 model
  4. ok it must be a 04 oops duh my bad
  5. i think i might have carb problems cause when i get on it some times it will back fire.. and when choke is on it seems not to back fire ?
  6. Hi all i just got a 2003 TC 450 and i was just wondering if there was any valve issues with this bike -brian