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    650r will i miss it if i trade it in on the 450x

    it sure is a good post, well put! i'm still on the fence, its a cash thing to i went riding today and hammered the 650 through tight stuff, i love the engine breaking, slap it in first in tight berms and it sinks right in, i,m wondering how it would be on a 450, im sure it would be faster in the tight stuff but i cant imagine going any faster than i am, and we get back to the wheelchair factor stay tuned, i'll let you all know what i do
  2. i have a 650r, full w.b. r4 pipe, stage 3 hop up kit, its fun to ride buts its huge, will i miss the power if i go to a 450x and it sounds to me like there is allot of maintenance on the 450x?