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  1. 2007 TE 450. Noticed last week that my front rotor was bent pretty good and was missing one of the magnets. The speed was reading way off and eratic. I ordered a new rotor from Motosportz but noticed today the new rotor only has one magnet hole. Does anyone know if there is a way to recalibrate the computer to use only one magnet? Or has anyone successfuly drilled a rotor and added a magnet? And finally, does anyone know a source to purchase a new magnet? Thanks Trent
  2. You're talking about snowmobiling, right Kelly?
  3. Chris, talk to Tom @ Watson Performance (in the Hood). He does seats.
  4. Yep, there should be maps for the taking on the fancy news signs at Binns Hill and Post Flat staging areas.
  5. I just had the suspension on my TE450 done by Tom Watson. The difference is night and day. He does amazing work. I've also admired that same TC450 many times. It's still sitting in his shop.
  6. Hey Chris, I'll shoot you a PM this weekend..... Trent
  7. I'm confused. Don't you need the screen on so the 4 little button thingys on the air filter frame have something to seat in to? Seems like you'd never get a seal if those buttons were mated right up against the metal.
  8. I've ridden that area (High Prarie/Badger Lake) on Mt. Bikes years ago but not sure about moto...?
  9. Yep, like Kelly said Pinemont should be really good on Sunday. Start and stay high and you'll avoid a lot of the muddy areas. I *might* be able to make it up there Sunday as well. I'll shoot you a PM if so. It'd be fun to ride with a brethren TE 450! Trent
  10. Those are SWEET! I want one too!
  11. Still just cyber but we're part of the same Husky brethren Would love to ride with you next time you're in the Hood, Kelly.
  12. Yeah, that's a great write-up. Anyone ever tried the clutch spring mod he talks about (removing two springs)?
  13. You say you pulled the de-comp lever while attempting to start? That's why it didn't start. Try again but leave that lever alone this time.
  14. Another update....The folks at MotoXotica helped me figure this out. They're overnighting the rad! I should have it by noon tomorrow. Thanks to all for playing: Kelly, thanks for your effort this morning, MotoXitica, thanks for your help just now... and jrt-7, thanks for your offer too.
  15. Update on this. Taskys doesn't have one. I called MotoXotica and they have *one* but apparently there three different brands/types used on these bikes? Alexa, KTM and some other kind I forget. My rad doesn't indicate what kind it is. Does anyone have any additional information on this? Is it possible that the mounting holes are different per type?