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  1. I'm also in the market for either a 450 or 530 and have been looking for a new left-over so this info was very helpful. I do have a question, what's the "plate" they started using in 2007? Thx, Chad
  2. Well off to the KTM forum I go... Hey ssanddemon Banderlog seems to have a small cult like following all over the place, Hell I'm in Milwaukee and every summer a bunch of guys from MI, IL, IA and WI all meet up on the Mississippi River for a roost. Last year we took the family to southern MO and met up with Banderloggers, thay are a GREAT bunch of people always willing to help and offer WAY less drama than Hotboat!!! P.S. Mrs. P likes everyone
  3. Another pic of it:
  4. I bought this off eBay as a Honda pipe The guys over on the Honda forum say it looks like KTM ANY help would be very appreciated!!!
  5. Well here is my IT off eBay. I usually have good luck but this doesn't fit Can anyone ID this pipe?
  6. Well tickel my strings... I'm a Ford lover AND a big fan of your Carlson hull. I have a 1997 21' Challenger with a Ford 460 TRY OUT BANDERLOG I just bought some new dual header exhaust goodies off ebay. I should know in about a week here if they fit.
  7. Hello everyone I'm Chad from Milwaukee. Someone from my jetboat forum lead me here and this site looks very informative! Based on the size of my atv/motorcycle fleet I'm surprized it took this long to find you guys. (we have four kids with machines too!) I just got a freebe 1993 xr600r that is short a few parts, most of which I've already ebayed, I need help with the exhaust though. Do all years fit each other? It seems they may have changed a bit and offered a dual header from 88-89 but will it swap with a 1993??? (If I get the whole thing?)