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    KLX250 DS, what do you really think??

    I went from a Busa to a KLR650 because of legal problems. I was tying to slow down. It worked but I needed some speed so I traded in my KLR for a ZRX1200r. I put a full Muzzy system, air box mod, and jet kit in and went two up in the back. Now it's just as quick as a STOCK busa off the line but can only do an honest 155 mph. I don't ride the ZRX in the rain so I bought a 2005 KLR 250 for my rain bike . I love just putting around on it. My last fillup was 70.2 mpg. The KLX 250 was less appealing to me because it's more dirt than street unlike the KLR. Also the KLR holds almost a gallon more of gas, is lower to the ground (i'm 5'8"), and the seat is more comfortable for longer rides. Sorry for the off topic. Don't leave yourself without a full street bike. You'll miss it. tim
  2. tim maron

    Do you ride in the cold?

    I just bought me a KLR250 for my rain bike. I've installed the heated hand grips and a small wind screen. I do ride in all kinds of weather while getting 69.9 mpg!! And I also get a few stares when it's 35 degrees and sleeting out. All I need now are some hand guards. I can't seem to any that will work. tim