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    ATVNY fund-raiser Sun, Oct 8th 9am

    not sure if this is a repost if so forgive me if it is: is anyone going to this???? http://atvny.com/fund_raiser.htm "Dear Friends, The business we run, ATVNY, located on route 44-55, Modena, NY is a safe, legal environment that provides those with off-road vehicles a place to use them- something that is very hard to find in many communities. Some problems have developed from the adjoining property owner, Valerie Smith, who has caused this firestorm, and has also cost taxpayers of this town $81,000 in legal fees to close down the riding at Lembo Lake Park. Our property has been grandfathered since 1969 when the park was opened. The Town of Plattekill Board members need a reality check. This behavior and their acts are disgraceful and discriminating against the Lembo family. On the weekend of September 17, 2006 our patrons were forced to leave by Town and State Police. The owners were threatened with jail time and forced to return the monies collected for picnicking, although the patrons enjoyed their stay that day. The Town Board and Valerie Smith have gone out of their way to persecute us, from re-writing laws to suit their own needs, incriminating us to change the town zoning, declaring our property residential as opposed to commercial, virtually over night. The time has come to stand up and be counted. Let your voice be heard! The adolescents are being penalized because of this illegal injunction. Our park is keeping the kids off of drugs and participating in other illegal activities. These are quotes from the parents. The park activities are very family oriented. Please know that this is a political and personal vendetta against the owners of Lembo Lake Park. We are holding a fundraiser October 8, 2006. It will begin at 9:00 a.m. The proceeds are going to help the legal costs associated in re-opening the park. There will be music and refreshments provided….. The more the merrier! To complain or voice your concerns contact: Plattekilltownclerk@hotmail.com Phone: 845-883-7331 Fax: 845-883-7207 The police have informed the Lembo’s that even they are forbidden to ride on THEIR OWN LAND!!! Is this COMMUNISM or what!?!? "