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    I hear the enemy, it's us

    DJmama, I agree with you, the FMF Q4 is a nice quiet pipe. No problem there. I apologized sincerely to Steveakus, won't make the mistake of criticizing him for what he does on his own property again. All I said was "bad idea". Your bold tirades and the tangents you go off on are missing the point. Remember, the Sierra Club started as a "small group of backpackers". Rail against the Govt all you want, they have the right of petition, just like we do. I think gutting your reasonably quiet FMF pipe, and declaring loud pipes save lives, is killing this sport. I'm not your enemy, apathy is. If you believe the solution to being kicked off public land is buying private property and a Bobcat, I respectfully disagree. Fight back against land closures!!! The great majority of dual sport riders think LPSL is nonsense, I encourage riders to leave their SA in and join ANY group dedicated to the fight against land closure.
  2. Flamerider

    I hear the enemy, it's us

    clss is right. I made a tactical error in my delivery. The messenger was killed because he screwed up the message. I owe Steveakus an apology for trying to turn public opinion against him. Consider it given. I also got an education in East vs West sound issues. Not a problem where you live? Rock on. How many riders agree the Loud Pipes Save Lives strategy is a good one for any off road vehicle? Jeeps, snow mobiles and us dual sport riders try to "police" their own. Hey, if we don't, Congress will. I have no problem with the FMF Q4. I have a problem with making it louder. Bringing the Harley mentality to dual sporting will hasten the closure of what's left of our riding areas. "bad idea" is a pretty mild criticism. Leave the confines of TT, tell it to the Thumper riders over on Adv and see what kind of a response you get. I know what they'd tell you. I also know you wouldn't care.
  3. Flamerider

    I hear the enemy, it's us

    I didn't call anybody names. I didn't tell Steveakus what to do. I told him I think pulling out your spark arrestor and trying to be as loud as possible is a bad idea. But he's right, I don't live in WV. Never going meet his neighbors. Rides on private land. I don't know why there isn't a campaign against leaf blowers. Don't care. I do know there is a campaign against us, dual sport riders. Colorado, Utah, Oregon and the rest of the west obviously have stricter noise regulations than a lot of the riders on this thread. Some seem unaware of the problem and hostile to riders who think Loud Pipes Save Lives, at least off road, is a bad idea. I have to abide by the laws of wherever I'm riding. Rangers in the West are starting to carry sound meters and check spark arrestors. Western riders know what I'm talking about. Being vilified for advocating using a quiet and legal muffler, is pretty funny.
  4. Flamerider

    I hear the enemy, it's us

    ...and to the guy that blasted the girl that could have killed him, I hope her ear rings for the rest of her life, cause if she would have killed him, his family would have to deal with that for the rest of their lives, how dare you condem him for punishing her, ......bastard................(or Zads fav)......Ass Hat Steveakus, I wasn't there, didn't see it. Glad he did not get hit. But he didn't. So he committed assault for something she almost did. Assault with a Honda. And you hope she suffered permanent hearing damage? That girl is somebody's daughter, or wife. I wonder how that story was told when she got home with a ruptured eardrum. I'll bet she leaves out the "I cut him off" part of the story. He made two more enemies of motorcycle riders. I wonder if he would've pulled that stunt to a truck driver with a "I'm the NRA" sticker in the back window.
  5. Flamerider

    I hear the enemy, it's us

    Noise is not subjective, it can be measured with a db meter. An FMF equipped wr with no spark arrestor is ear splitting loud. None of my bikes are, even with aftermarket pipes. A little louder is different than much louder. What some of you advocate is illegal west of the Rockies. As it should be. Removing a spark arrestor will get your bike impounded. Also as it should. Tolerance? Respect? Tell that to the Sierra Club, you'll get none from the well organized, politically involved, and rich anti-access folks. Fighting land closures by making motorcycles louder is like fighting cancer with cigarettes. Noise is the number one issue affecting land use. It is also the easiest one for dual sport riders to control. One legislative fight at a time. Colorado, Oregon, Utah and the rest of the West are under attack. Legislation that comes down from the Feds will affect everybody. Backhoe's, aircraft, neighbors with dragsters and weed eaters don't galvanize the SC, loud bikes, especially on public lands, do. http://www.sharetrails.org/mission_vision_values/ Anybody?
  6. Flamerider

    I hear the enemy, it's us

    I'm no purist. No bike I've ever owned has had a stock pipe. I modified my Graves tip with the stock spark arrestor. It is louder than stock, as is my f6650 with the Remus and my 950 with Gualdi's. My complaint is with riders pulling out spark arrestors and making an already loud pipe louder. Intentionally. Loud pipes don't save lives in National Forests. It just gives the opposition more ammo in the fight against access. I'm trying to keep all of us in the riding business. I should be preaching to the choir, but I'm being told to mind my own business, P's and Q's, and cry rivers. No noise regs in your mid western state? Just wait...
  7. Flamerider

    I hear the enemy, it's us

    I member asks a question about FMF mufflers. Riders who have been instrumental in the modifications and development of this bike we all ride weighed in with the following jewels of wisdom: I do want to be the loudest guy on the street. Loud pipes save lives. Screw the neighbors. HAHAHAHAH!!!! First thing I saw is that he (flamerider) is from California..... He doesnt understand that it has nothing to do with noise, and everything to do with the state he lives in....(and we all live on top of one another) Wear a helmet cam next time you intentionally damage the hearing in some young girls left ear. Harleys, in no danger of being kicked off public highways do it, why shouldn't I? One of our Canadian brothers rightly points out land closures are happening everywhere. And while being carefull not to tell people what to do, rightly points out being as loud as open-piped cruisers, is being a dickhead. He also suggests a little common consideration for other off road users. But possibly the best came from one of the stars here on Thumpertalk: "Then when the time comes to shut it all down, I guess thats what we will do. What else is there?" So, just when you might believe we as a community are all in this together, I read this crap and realize we are doomed. It only takes a few riders (and a few more doing nothing) to give the anti-access groups (Sierra Club, etc.) the public support they want. I'm sure Donny Emler, owner of FMF, would be mortified to read this drivel. Join the BlueRibbon Coalition. Conner, everywhere
  8. Flamerider

    FMF Q4 or Powercore 4 wr250r

    I pulled out the stock tip and installed the Graves tip. I hacked off the spark arrestor and fixed it to that. Sounds great, pulls much harder than stock with that and the FMF tuner. Steveakus: I hope all the racket you make stays on your property in WV. Noise is the arch enemy of dual sport riders everywhere. It is disappointing, after all the cash I've spent on mufflers and Blue Ribbon Coalition dues over the years, to hear an adult dirt bike rider intentionally making his motorcycle as loud as possible.
  9. Flamerider

    FMF Q4 or Powercore 4 wr250r

    Steavakus, Good luck with that. Loud Pipes = fewer riding areas and pissed off neighbors.
  10. Flamerider

    A little WR250R Poll.........

    50, but high mileage... The rest of the stable, even the mighty 950, gets used a lot less these days. The seat goes off to Renazco next month. Conner in Sacramento
  11. Flamerider

    Cold Weather Gear, Suggestions?

    Rode 600 miles last week through the High Sierra's. 32 degrees when I left Bishop, it just got colder from there as I climed up in altitude. Over numerous 8k passes on the way to home in Sacramento. Here's what worked for me: Long underwear, Fieldshere pants and Aerostitch Dariens over that. Gore Tex lined boots, Oxtars. Top layers: t shirt, wool sweater, heated vest (the real key to comfort), Daisese "pressure suit", a 661 chest protector (mx style) and to top it all off, an Aerostitch Falstaff. Huge Olympia gloves. I was riding my 950 ktm, not the 250r.