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  1. Hi guys, usally on the xr forum, as I have a 250, the other day at traffic lights a very smart ktm, pulled along side, and just in front of me, so could not see what sort, all I know is ,one I could not catch it! and two it had these great looking, super sounding, twin exhausts, and seemed very easy to ride, tho that could of course be the rider!! wich model was it do you think,, I want one,, or am I mad!!
  2. musket

    Aftermarket Exhaust xr250

    I use a white bros, e series , 7 discs, great sound just on legal limit here,, great grunt, easy fit, and definetly made a difference to my bike when fitted, I get about seventy mph, crisp sound, but low end its awsome! torque! good luck.
  3. musket

    exhaust, xr250 to xr400

    Hi guys quick question, I have an xr250, fitted with a white brothers, e series exhaust, wich I realy love,, Im thinking of doing some long distance riding, and upgrading to a cheap xr 400, Ive been offerd, now, would my old,white/b exhaust backend fit a xr400, or is the size, shape, etc completely different between the two bikes, or no different! so would just bolt straight on..cheers.
  4. musket

    pirelli tyres, rear 250

    Thanks nick, what is 140 profile, im in gloucester by the way, cheers kev.
  5. musket

    xr 250 jetting

    I asked the exact same questions, a couple of months ago and got a good response,, the answers you seek on on here somewere, youl just have to find them, dont know if you can find threads started by me,
  6. musket

    pirelli tyres, rear 250

    Thanks for the input guys, anyone else before I make an expensive desicion, I wont get too much change out of $100, here in the uk, no one on scorpions!!
  7. musket

    Bad Graphics, Do not buy

    Dont know if it makes a difference, I had my plastic tank, resrayed red and fitted honda o4 graphics, the whole one side has bubbled up, I was told this may happen, wasted £100.
  8. musket

    pirelli tyres, rear 250

    Hi guys, thinking of getting a new rear tyre for my 250r, plated, I do about 70% on road 30% on hard ground, stoney gravel,and tight woods, not to botherd about non dot tyres, but I feel safer banking on tarmac with a mt 21 on the front, used to have an old motorcross tyre and that would slide about a bit! anyway has anyone ever used the pirelli scorpion rear tyre, if so what size did they go for, I wouldnt mind somthing a bit meaty,, on the back, its a 97,model if that makes a difference, I do like pirelli tyres, but not to fussed as long as its as good on the road as off, if you see what I mean, cheers guys, remember Im in england, so may not get some of your tyres.
  9. musket

    monoshock xr 250

    Thanks for your help guys!!
  10. musket

    monoshock xr 250

    I have been playing slightly with the two adjusters above the spring, it seems if I wind them down the suspension gets slightly firmer, but the seat height also goes up obviously. What I would like to no is , is there a limit to how much I tighten, or is there a standard for hieght and wieght, I am 5,7 tall, about 140 Ibs, the ride feels a little spongy!!
  11. musket

    1996 XR 250 aftermarket exhaust

    I have a white brothers e series with discs, awsome power increase, and passed british mot for decibals, 7 discs fitted..looks fantastic, and I will never have to buy another exhaust!
  12. musket

    white brothers e series exhausts

    have not touched jetting as yet but seems to run ok, so far but does seem to smoke a bit more, only mods removed snorkel, fitted k,n filter, thinking about the spark plug cap mod, is it safe to do!!
  13. musket

    white brothers e series exhausts

    for anyone whos interested, I sorted this one out myself, started with 4 discs, no real difference, in hp, moved up to six good change, ten great gain, but would not pass british db test!! finished up with 7, best gain and within legal british requirements to pass mot, not sure what levels are permitted in the states, here its 96 db, anyway it passed!! cheers
  14. hi,guys just fitted this new exhaust to 97 xr250 I also fitted k,n filter, I have to be noise aware, but I would like to get the best benifet from these changes, so could you please suggest a good number of discs to put on, it came with 12, and should I change the jetting, I am at sea level. Any help would be great.cheers.
  15. musket

    xr250r front light

    thanks for your help guys, I will try a new bulb,